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We are all about retro video games and the legacy that lives on with them. It touched so many peoples childhood and youth and for the most part it seems like its being forgotten. Which is why GraveYard Video Games is here. Our goal is to bring back memories both good and bad (yes, you. Back To The Future) as well as insight on where to pick these games up today (if at all possible). A graveyard is not a place games go to die its a place where they can live on just in a different way.

We Cover It All.


Tips CHeats & Walkthroughs

Check out our ever growing list of cheats, walkthroughs and guides right here on all the retro consoles!

Retro Revival

REvival – Back To Life

We talk emulation. A topic that has a lot of controversey. Should you emulate and does it give retro games a new life?


Retro Magazines 

Remember retro gaming magazines? We do have a deep dive through nostalgia in some of the best gaming magazines ever made!

Playthroughs & Reviews

Retro Reviews

We play through some of our favourite and most hated retro games and give our thoughts and reviews as we go.

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