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Super Nintendo 1991

A Link To The Past

Written By: Morter4k
Published Date: 27.11.2023
Last Update: 20.02.2024

A Link To The Past is still one of if not my favourite RPG on the Super Nintendo, I’ve finished the game multiple times and love the nostalgia of popping it in the Snes to revisit on our boring winters here in North America.

As usual I’ve dug out all the best cheat codes from all of my old 16 Bit Game Genie Manuals which I am sure you can still find today on Ebay? Judging my everything else these days related to Nintendo and The Legend Of Zelda its probably $130 which is crazy. As always we cover, how you can use the Game Genie on either your original console or Snes9X right here in the Graveyard.

Is There Game Genie Codes?

The Codes


Enter Hex Decimal Cheat
AEEC-A586 Free Stuff From Shops
AE67-0D30 Unlimited Bombs
AE6E-DF2A Unlimited Energy
AE8A-D4FA + AE8D-0D9A Unlimited Magic
AE8D-0D9A Infinite Magic
EEA8-D4FA Walk Through Walls Vertically
A230-DD05 Unlimited Chests
EE22-AF1F Max Damage Sword Swings
C9A8-DD2A Enemies Respawn
DDA5-0FE1 Free Fortune Telling
6DC9-0D23 World Warp Easily
DFE9-2356 Start With Short Sword (Level 1)
D4E9-2356 Start With Master Sword (Level 2)
D7E9-2356 Start With Tempered Master Sword (Level 3)
D0E9-2356 Start With Golden Sword (Level 4)
DDE9-2386 Start With Small Shield (Level 1)
DFE9-2386 Start With Red Oval Shield (Level 2)
D4E9-2386 Start With Large Golden Shield (Level 3)
DDE9-23E6 Have Green Shirt (Level 1)
DFE9-23E6 Have Blue Shirt (Level 2)
D4E9-23E6 Have Red Shirt (Level 3)
F028-043A Green Rubies Worth 20
7428-043A Green Rubies Worth 50
1028-043A Green Rubies Worth 100
EE28-043A Green Rubies Worth 255
7428-074A Blue Rubies Worth 50
1028-074A Blue Rubies Worth 100
EE28-074A Blue Rubies Worth 255
7428-071A Red Rubies Worth 50
1028-071A Red Rubies Worth 100
EE28-071A Red Rubies Worth 255
0067-0D30 Bomb Explosion Effect Expanded
AEA8-D49A Jump In Any Direction
1122-DD85 Hearts and Fairies No Value
AEA8-D49A Walk through anything vertically
45B8-D49A Dash All The Time
55B8-D49A No dash
256C-6D04 The Sword looks like a flower, and the Hookshot, like an anchor
376C-AF04 Glitches all game graphics
AE6A-DF2A All injuries are fatal
366C-DF04 No sound (Kinda Pointless)
376C-ADD4 Red tint
376C-ADA4 Landscape Shifted (Strange Graphic Change)
376C-A4D4 Building Interior Unique (Again Pointless)
376C-AD64 You will hear the flute playing

How to use the legendary code on A Link To The Past On SNES9x

Yep, there’s something about the world of Hyrule the nostalga is like no other. Regardless of what platform you play it on PC or on the original Nintendo console. Here’s a quick guide on how to enhance your adventure in this classic SNES title using the SNES9x emulator. These are not Pro Action Replay codes.


Start by opening SNES9x. From the ‘File’ menu, load your ROM. Prepare to revisit the enchanting world of Hyrule, where puzzles, dungeons, and mythical creatures await our hero, Link.

Accessing the Cheat Menu

To begin your cheat code adventure, click on “Cheats” in the top menu of the SNES9x emulator. From there, select “Load Cheat File” to open up the realm of possibilities.

Inputting the Code

Input each code into the designated fields from our list on this page. These are a series of letters and numbers, each unlocking different enhancements or features in the game. Want infinite bombs or arrows? Yep we got that. How about invincibility or unlimited rupees? Just input the right combination.


Once you’ve entered your hexdecimal entry, activate them by checking the boxes next to each entry. After selecting all your desired , click “OK” to apply them. Your enhanced adventure is now ready to begin, with a few magical tweaks to make the journey even more memorable.

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