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Breath Of Fire III, a classic in the RPG genre, has its fair share of challenges and intricate gameplay. Sharing both Snes and Playstation versions, the story is the same on each. Ryu breaking down crime syndicates and setting fires along the way.

The playstation version was the first I had played and if you are like me and are seeking a little extra edge or just wanting to experiment with different aspects of the game, there’s a treasure trove of Gameshark codes available. Thank god! I’m getting older now and time for RPG’s just doesnt happen any more.

Are There Cheat Codes for BOF3?

Definitely thats what this section is all about. Breath Of Fire III offers loads of codes for everything from boosting weapon power to enhancing character agility and ensuring your HP stays topped up. It’s like having a secret arsenal at your disposal, ready to transform your gaming experience.

Making this turn based RPG a little easier making battle formations stronger and of course pushing that master system to the max.

How To Use Gameshark Codes On Duckstation

Using Gameshark codes on consoles might seem like a relic from the past, but with modern emulators like DuckStation, it’s still very much possible. To begin, you’ll need to have DuckStation installed and your Breath Of Fire III game ready. Once you’ve launched the emulator and loaded the game, access the emulator’s cheat menu. Here, you can enter the specific Gameshark codes for Breath Of Fire III. Remember, each code serves a unique purpose, so choose the ones that best suit your playstyle or needs. It’s almost like giving Ryu and his companions a hidden advantage against the myriad of challenges they face.


#1. Ensure you have the latest version of DuckStation installed on your device.
#2. Test codes for compatability.
#3. Enjoy the game in a new light!

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The Codes

There a large number of varied codes now users of the traditional Gameshark like myself.
There can be issues with whether its NTSC or Pal version to trial the codes and see how you go. You may have noticed I’m not adding all the heal magic, attack magic and assist magic cheat codes. They arent really needed as are the weapon slot and option slot options. The list below is essentially all the Breath Of Fire iii cheat codes you need. 

bof3 splash screen
Result Code
Max Limit Attack 8009C75A 0FFF
Level Select (Change Last Two Numbers) 3009C739 00??
Max Strength 3009C73A 00FF
Max Vitality 3009C73B 00FF
Max Magic 3009C73C 00FF
Max Spirit 3009C73D 00FF
Max Dexterity 3009C73E 00FF
Max Luck 3009C73F 00FF
Infinite HP 8009C764 270F
Max HP 8009C766 270F
Infinite MP 8009C768 03E7
Max MP 8009C76A 03E7
Limit Bar Full 8009AEDE FF01
Enable All Limits 8009AEF2 02DB
9999 Heath Points 8009C764 270F
9999 Max Heath Points 8009C766 270F
999 Magic Points 8009C768 03E7
999 Max Magic Points 8009C76A 03E7
Level 99 3009C739 0063
255 Strength 3009C73A 00FF
255 Vitality 3009C73B 00FF
255 Magic 3009C73C 00FF
255 Spirit 3009C73D 00FF
255 Dexterity 3009C73E 00FF
255 Luck 3009C73F 00FF

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