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Written By: Morter4k
Published Date: 22.07.2023
Last Update: 21.02.2024

Altered Beast on Genesis. What to say, if you don’t know this game then you probably lived under a rock in the late 90’s. Developed by Sega, this arcade-crossover game quickly became a favorite among gamers for its unique concept and platforming style gameplay. Released in 1988 originally on the Sega Master Systems, it saw multiple re-releases most recently on the Nintendo Switch.

The game follows a heroic protagonist, resurrected by Zeus, on a quest to rescue the goddess Athena from the clutches of the malevolent demon god Neff. I was never a huge Sega fan other than the Arcade releases, and wasnt until the early 2000’s before I saw the appeal of games like Altered Beast on console. 

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How many levels are in Altered Beast?

While it wasn’t the longest of games, it came from an era where completion was atainable. Altered Beast had players embark on an exhilarating journey through five challenging levels, each with its own unique setting and adversaries. 

Level Location Description Transformation Notes
1 The Graveyard You start your journey in a spooky graveyard overrun with undead enemies. The protagonist transforms into a fierce werewolf to combat the minions of darkness. Werewolf
2 The Underworld As you descend into the fiery depths of the underworld, you become a mighty dragon, breathing fire upon adversaries and navigating through perilous obstacles. Dragon Amazing theme music. “Power Up”.
3 The Caverns Journeying through treacherous caverns, you gain power and transform into a strong bear, using brute force to overcome both obstacles and enemies. Bear Reminiscent of a Bowser level from Nintendo games. Zap that stone dragon!
4 The Ruins The ruins present dangers and some challenges, but the Tiger transformation makes light work of everything. Tiger Considered a filler level by some.
5 The Temple The final level takes players to a towering temple, where they unleash the power of the golden werewolf, the ultimate form, to confront Neff, the mastermind. Golden Werewolf The climactic battle against Neff. Good luck!

Altered Beast Cheats

Right so the main reason you are here the cheats! These cheats are a gateway to additional lives, power-ups, and other hidden abilities, helping players tackle the game’s challenges with greater ease.

Here are some notable Altered Beast cheats:

Rise from the Ashes: To gain extra lives and continue your journey, enter the cheat code Up, Down, Left, Right, A + Start on the title screen. This cheat grants you additional opportunities to defeat the evil forces that stand in your way.

Power-Up Extravaganza: To strengthen your beastly transformations, input the cheat code B, A, Down, B, A, Down, Left, Left, A + Start during gameplay. This cheat enables a full power-up, enhancing your abilities and increasing your chances of survival in the treacherous underworld.

Unleash the Thunder: Want to harness the power of lightning? Execute the cheat code A, B, B, A, Up, Down, A + Start to summon thunderbolts from the sky. This awe-inspiring ability can devastate enemies in your path, leaving them quaking in fear.

Beast Mode Activated: When the going gets tough, activate Beast Mode by entering the cheat code Up, B, Down, A, Left, Right, B + Start during gameplay. This cheat enables you to maintain your beast form indefinitely, amplifying your strength and agility against the hordes of mythical creatures lurking in the shadows.

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Altered Beast Game Bugs & Glitches

We love our glitches and bugs. Altered Beast in the Arcade was full of them. I remember almost yelling at the machine for losing lives on poor hit detection. The Geneis version was  no different there are the usual bugs and glitches that might affect gameplay. While frustrating, they are also a part of gaming history and often contribute to the charm of retro gaming experiences. Some notable bugs and glitches in

Collision Detection Issues: Occasionally, players might experience discrepancies in collision detection, causing unfair hits or missed opportunities during battles.

Visual Artifacts: In certain instances, players may encounter graphical glitches such as screen flickering or sprite misalignments.

Audio Hiccups: Altered Beast might suffer from audio glitches, such as sound effects not playing correctly or music interruptions.

Unexpected Behavior: Rarely, enemies or bosses might exhibit odd behavior, deviating from their usual attack patterns.

It’s essential to remember that Altered Beast was released during an era when debugging tools and extensive testing processes were not as prevalent as they are today. Despite these imperfections, the game’s captivating gameplay and transformation mechanics continue to make it a cherished title among retro gaming enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Altered Beast on Genesis remains a timeless classic that enthralls players with its action-packed gameplay, mesmerizing transformations, and mythical narrative. With its unique concept and engaging features, the game continues to be a beloved gem in the annals of video game history. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the world of Altered Beast, embrace the challenge, explore the cheats, and immerse yourself in the magical realm where beasts reign supreme. Happy gaming!

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