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Captain America and the Avengers SNES

Written By: Morter4k
Published Date: 12.08.2023
Last Update: 19.04.2024

Yet another cross Arcade release is of course, Captain America and the Avengers for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) which of course was the start of a very strong presence from Marvel related video games. A side-scrolling beat ’em up game, developed by Data East, that brought the Marvel universe with its engaging gameplay and memorable characters to your CRT tv. At the time of its release I was focused on X-Men also another great Snes game.

Captain America and the Avengers graced the gaming scene in 1992, right as 16-bit graphics were at the pinnacle of visual excellence. Developed by Data East, this game became an instant hit due to its captivating storyline, dynamic gameplay, and the opportunity to control beloved Marvel heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Vision, and Hawkeye. Riding the wave of popularity from the comics and animated series, this SNES version wasn’t loved by that many as the Genesis and Arcade versions were much more refined.

Having played the arcade release and only owning a Super Nintendo at the time it was the availability of cheats that and saving my parents money that offered instant satisfaction. We’re proud to cover everything this 1993 release has to offer from levels to cheats and more.

Captain America Snes Levels 

Embarking on an epic journey across a variety of levels is a defining feature of Captain America and the Avengers. With a total of seven stages, a fairly short game by todays standard which saw you finish the game in about an hour or so if you are locked in. From city streets to underground lairs and even outer space, the game’s levels are on point. But having revisited the game recently the audio effects had a lot of work needed.

Red Skull – You Cannot Defeat Me!

Scene 1: The Avengers

The level starts with chaos in the city as people flee in fear. Captain America, Iron Man, Vision, and Hawkeye step in to confront the threat. Robots burst through windows, prompting the heroes to engage. After a series of battles, they face off against Whirlwind, who launches a spinning attack. Easy introduction to the game.

Scene 2: Target Town

Things get a little tougher here you find yourselves on a rooftop and encounter robots and enemy forces. Wonder Man assists in a brief aerial segment. You battle a Sentinel, a giant robot, before diving underwater. Submariner helps navigate the underwater obstacles. Another Sentinel awaits, followed by a fight against Grim Reaper.

Scene 3: Challenge at the Bottom of the Sea

This one took a few lives from me. You start on a wrecked battleship with oil spilling, the heroes confront enemies. You face a mid-boss in the form of a fiery enemy. Afterward, you dive underwater and navigate obstacles, leading to a battle with Mandarin. <- Fun fight.

Scene 4: The Giant Laser Cannon

This is really where things get tough especially on hard setting. You’re flying through space, and reach a space station and fight enemies. You face Juggernaut, a tough enemy with a spinning attack (Not Ryu lol). You proceed through the station, defeating foes, and eventually encounter the giant laser cannon. This is annoying but you can get past it.

Scene 5: The End of Red Skull

You continue your space flight and engage against more  enemies. Upon reaching the laser cannon, you destroy it. Inside, you battle enemies, including a pair of tough soldiers. Crossbones awaits as a mid-boss. The final confrontation takes place against Red Skull, who transforms into a monstrous form. The guy is massive. I wont spoil the ending but its in true comic fashion.

Captain America and the Avengers Cheats 

While Captain America and the Avengers didnt have out of the box cheats. Having a code cartridge made things a hell of a lot easier for me. We have a full list of Game Genie codes here. But if you wanted some sneaky work arounds we have you covered.

Extra Lives – You must have 2 controlers when you do this. When you turn on the game go to the option screen and set the extra life thing to 7 after that start the game and when your on your last life take controler 2 and press start. Make player 1 get a game over then you well have 7 more lifes. NOTE:You must play two players when you do this.

Easier Boss Battles – It’s really just pattern based games. Most of the games in the 90s were like this. Captain America was no different.

  • Whirlwind:
    Shoot projectiles at him like crazy until he gets too close. Then just jump him and repeat. Watch out for his spinning attack but it shouldnt bother you.
  • Mammoth Robot:
    There is a spot at the bottom of the screen, a little bit to the right, where he never attacks you; making him the easiest boss.
  • Grim Reaper:
    First real tough fight use simple jump attacks when you can.
  • Mandarin:
    Dash attack like crazy don’t let him off the hook and you will pass him easily.
  • Juggernaut:
    Again jump attacks work wonders here. He is annoying though so time your attacks.
  • Ultron:
    Jump attacks? Yes seeing a trend. It really is just be smart time your attack and you will be fine. Tough fight though.
  • Crossbones:
    Dodge and block what you can. Then repeat the above jump attacks work well.
  • Mecha-Red Skull:
    Red Skull is suprisingly easier than I thought. Smash his legs and avoid any of his counter attacks if you can. Should be easier than Ultron if you are quick.
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