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Sega Genesis 1994

Castlevania Bloodlines

This was my second favourite installment from Konami, second to Super Castlevania IV! A classic Sega Genesis title, it actually gave me hope for platform horror on the Genesis. Bringing a unique flair to the Castlevania series. It was different, it was bold, and it sure as hell caught our attention.

The Gothic atmosphere, the challenging gameplay, and the riveting story – everything screamed Castlevania, but with a Sega twist. In the past 5 years, I’ve become more of a fan of Sega’s classics, and Bloodlines is a big reason why.

Bloodlines Story

There was so much in this story that connected other titles together and brought an absolute classic to the Sega console. The narrative of Castlevania Bloodlines, as I mentioned is built around its  lore and mystery. Set in 1917, the game strays away from the familiar Belmont clan and instead introduces us to two characters, John Morris and Eric Lecarde. John, who is as always our whip wielding Vampire Killer, who is actually a direct descendant of Quincy Morris from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, that brings a fresh literary connection to the series.

Eric, on the other hand, brings his own unique flavor to the monster-hunting saga, armed with the Alcarde Spear (ok so its no whip), offering a different approach to the game. Definite replay value though – if you finish it with one you have to the other as well.

Sharing similarities to the NES version of Castlevania the level design and visuals make thigs a stand out. Reflections on the water brought this inovation to platforming that was almost unseen other than Konami at the time.  The storyline itself is as usual built around vengeance and heroism,  resurrection of Countess Elizabeth Bartley, Dracula’s niece, in a bid to prevent the dark lord’s revival.

The stakes are high, the enemies are ruthless, but our heroes are ready  to vanquish evil. Castlevania Bloodlines manages to weave this intriguing story into the very fabric of its gameplay, creating an experience that is as captivating as it is challenging. Double thumbs up from this guy. The annoying bosses, outstanding music and classic feel – make Castlevania Bloodlines a true classic!

Castlevania Bloodlines Levels and Bosses

As I mentioned before, Sega has grown on me. Partly because of this game and the level design. Castlevania Bloodlines didn’t just stop at delivering a gripping storyline; it went above and beyond with its level design.

Each stage was a work of art, a challenge to overcome, and a story in itself.
Here’s my list of levels to refresh your memory and their boss:

Stage 1 – The Castle Ruins: Starting off strong with the classic castle setting.
Final Boss –   Armour Lord – Pretty easy no real threat.
Tip – Watch when he kneels its his spear attack just back up.

Stage 2 – The Atlantis Shrine: Relexions in this level are amazing!
Final Boss – Golem – Big blue buggers, distance is key here.
Tip – Use your special attack from distance dont let him close to you.

Stage 3 – The Leaning Tower of Pisa: Big climb with plenty of obstacles.
Final Boss – Gargoyle Bat, weird boss red balls following him.
Tip – Attack which he is above or to the left or right watch his drop attack.

Stage 4 – The Munitions Factory: Industrial Castlevania platform vibes.
Final Boss – Gear Steamer thats his actual name lol.
Tip – He is stricky try and keep him on one side. Attack fast he moves!

Stage 5 – The Versailles Palace: Elegance meets danger in this stage
Final Boss – Medusa special attacks make her light work.
Tip – Kill her as fast as possible to prevent her special attacks.

Final Stage – The Castle Proserpina: The final showdown, it’s a tough one.
Final Boss – Dracula all three forms. Yeah this might take a few tries.
Tip – Use Axes as much as possible and duck boomerang attacks.

Difficulty wise this game has to be one of the toughest I’ve played through The Castle Proserpina stands out as particularly annoying, making sure you earn your victory. The bosses are bigger and badder than before and I’ve lost count at how many times I’ve died when a boss was on his last health bar.

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Castlevania Bloodlines Level Passwords

Now while we can give you the passwords to all the levels to make Bloodlines a little easier. Taking things one step further is adding expert mode (which is rediculous) to make things just a little harder – thats what we all need right? So what are the cheats then?

Konami Code

Yes, it lives on. The Konami code originally for Gradius on the NES in 1986 still lives on and has now been in over 50 different game titles including of course Castlevania Bloodlines. Enter this on the main screen and wait for a chime to confirm. If done correctly you will get a new menu option with Expert Mode and the option of upton 9 lives. Which is still not enough for exper mode so yeah. Good luck.

The code for those who don’t know is ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA.


Level Passwords

Stage and Location Character Difficulty Password
Stage 2: Atlantis Shrine, Greece John Morris Expert Axe/Bird/Axe/Empty, Jewel/Empty/Bird/Jewel, Empty/Jewel/Bird/Bird, Bird/Axe/Axe/Empty
Stage 3: Ruins of the Castle Dracula, Romania John Morris Expert Axe/Axe/Jewel/Jewel, Bird/Empty/Axe/Empty, Bird/Empty/Bird/Jewel, Axe/Axe/Jewel/Axe
Stage 4: The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy John Morris Expert Axe/Axe/Empty/Jewel, Bird/Bird/Axe/Empty, Bird/Bird/Bird/Jewel, Axe/Axe/Empty/Empty
Stage 5: The Munitions Factory, Germany John Morris Expert Empty/Bird/Jewel/Bird, Empty/Empty/Bird/Axe, Bird/Axe/Empty/Axe, Empty/Empty/Axe/Empty
Stage 6: Versailles Palace, France John Morris Expert Axe/Axe/Jewel/Empty, Jewel/Bird/Axe/Bird, Bird/Jewel/Axe/Bird, Jewel/Axe/Axe/Empty
Stage 2: Atlantis Shrine, Greece Eric LeCarde Expert Empty/Bird/Jewel/Empty, Jewel/Empty/Bird/Jewel, Bird/Empty/Bird/Empty, Bird/Empty/Bird/Axe
Stage 3: Ruins of the Castle Dracula, Romania Eric LeCarde Expert Axe/Bird/Jewel/Bird, Axe/Empty/Bird/Axe, Bird/Bird/Empty/Jewel, Empty/Axe/Bird/Axe
Stage 4: The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy Eric LeCarde Expert Empty/Axe/Axe/Axe, Jewel/Bird/Axe/Bird, Bird/Axe/Axe/Empty, Jewel/Empty/Empty/Axe
Stage 5: The Munitions Factory, Germany Eric LeCarde Expert Empty/Bird/Bird/Bird, Jewel/Empty/Bird/Jewel, Bird/Jewel/Bird/Empty, Bird/Empty/Jewel/Empty
Stage 6: Versailles Palace, France Eric LeCarde Expert Empty/Bird/Axe/Empty, Jewel/Empty/Bird/Jewel, Axe/Empty/Bird/Empty, Bird/Empty/Jewel/Axe

Glitches & Bugs: Konami Crushed It?

I’m all for game breaking bugs and glitches. To be honest I expected a few given that this was a Konami game. Like the great wall slide glitch in Super Castlevania VI on Super Nintendo which is still by far my favourite of the series.

However Konami knocked out of the park with Bloodlines. 

Unless you have a Game Genie there really arent many glitches to sing about. In all fairness the game was originally scheduled to come out in 1993 there were some delays I believe that pushed the release back until March of 1994.

Did they spend the extra time patching a few issues? We will probably never know but for the first time I think in Graveyard Videogame history the biggest glitch you will get in Castlevania Bloodlines is the hard stuck glitch where you freeze for two bars of health from one enemy hit in the air.

Which compared to other games is nothing! Well done Konami, well done.

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