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Super Nintendo 1994

Demons Crest

When it comes to dark, atmospheric platformers, few titles for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) have left as indelible a mark as Demon’s Crest. Released in 1994, this gothic masterpiece is a spin-off of the Ghosts ‘n Goblins series, focusing on Firebrand, the iconic red demon. Back when I managed to get my own crappy CRT a true hand me down from family friends, I was captivated by the game’s haunting ambiance and challenging gameplay. But, before we dive deep into the abyss of cheats and tricks, let’s first get stuck into its rich lore.

Demons Crest Story

Okay so in the dark world of Demon’s Crest, Firebrand is on a quest to retrieve six magical stones that provide him with immense power. Sounds cheesy however, the story is bigger than that of just any old trinkets. They hold the ability to give Firebrand new forms, each with its unique abilities, essential for his battles against various demons and bosses that stand in his path.

When all crests are combined, the Crest of Infinity will appear, getting crazy and giving the holder unlimited power! It was the 90s we loved this stuff. Demon’s Crest had its levels on lock as well, from ghost-infested graveyards to molten volcanic terrains. Not only a test of skill but also a puzzle, requiring you to think and utilize Firebrand’s various forms to progress.

Iconic stages like the Zombie’s Drag and the Black Lotus Marsh have been the bane of many players, with their intricate platforming and treacherous enemies. Familiarizing yourself with these levels is essential for a smoother journey through the demon realm.

Demons Crest Cheats

While Demon’s Crest may not have a plethora of cheats like other SNES games, there are still some hidden gems (pun intended) for players to discover. We also cover some great cheats if you have a Game Genie or are using an emulator.

  • Secret Room in Zombie’s Drag: Find a hidden room filled with treasures by clinging to a specific wall and breaking it open with the Ground Gargoyle’s power.
  • Alternate Ending: The game has multiple endings, and by collecting all items and defeating the secret bosses, players can unlock the true ending, shedding light on Firebrand’s fate.
  • Start With All Vials: Hold A at the title screen and press Start to begin a new game with all five vials already in your possession.

Now since Nintendo launched the Switch Online Snes section to my surprise they added Demons Crest which is a great way to play the game to both save money but to also cheat. To a certain extent. 

On the Switch you can save and load states which means having trouble with Phalanx? Save, reload repeat. Boom done. Probably the best cheat if you want to see all three endings too. 

demons crest level

Demons Crest Endings

Okay so here are some spoilers! Don’t read this section unless you have either finished the game or are sick and tired and cant beat it on your own!

I warned you….

Trust me when I say, facing Phalanx’s final form is like taking on the devil himself. This big bad has a trifecta of lethal attacks that’ll have you dodging for dear life. We’re talking about a deadly blue laser spewing straight from its mouth, another pesky homing laser shooting from its back, and—just to up the ante—those darn black lightning orbs that relentlessly chase after Firebrand. As if that wasn’t enough, you’re dancing on a lava-laden floor with platforms that not only move but can also get blasted straight into Phalanx. My advice? Unleash hell on Phalanx’s head whenever it’s exposed and keep that Ginseng at arm’s length. You’re gonna need it.

Once you’ve given Phalanx the beating of a lifetime, you’ll be treated to an ending sequence. But here’s the kicker: the kind of ending you get hinges on how you’ve played your cards. Ended Phalanx without grabbing all those Crests? You’re looking at the Bad ending. Managed to snatch all the Crests but missed out on some other goodies like Vellums, Urns, Talismans, and Life Extensions? That’ll earn you the Incomplete ending. But for those who’ve followed the journey as detailed in our walkthrough, brace yourselves for the grand finale – the Best ending. Good luck, this will add sometime to your experience.

Is Demons Crest Rare & Expensive?

We usually stay away from the whole retro pricing and value side of things. But I have had my copy of Demons Crest for nearly twenty years. I bought it brand new in box for $19 lol. When I jumped on Pricecharting to see what they are going for (at the time of writing this October 2023) its $154 loose! Nearly $500 complete in box, which to me is crazy.


While I cant remember the game being super rare, there obviously has been an explosion in Retro gaming in the past 10 years. Which like anything is going to make the value increase. Here’s the funny thing though I remember clearly seeing it in the bargain bin at my local Target. 



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