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Donkey Kong Country for SNES is and will always remain one of my favourite video games ever made. The 16-bit era still remains a favorite among retro gaming enthusiasts (especially myself) to this day. At Graveyard Video Games, we are dedicated to exploring the best games of the past, and that includes getting some Donkey Kong Country cheats.

We’ll cover how many levels are in the game, the different character abilities, and the cheats and walkthroughs available to get you through those levels you’re struggling with.

Whether you’re a fan of retro gaming looking to relive old memories or a newcomer interested in discovering a classic game, this article has something for everyone. So grab your SNES controller and let’s dive into the world of Donkey Kong Country!

Donkey Kong Country Levels

Easily one of our favourite games to have a unique land and theme through out each world (followed closeley by Super Mario 3). Donkey Kong Country for SNES features a total of 40 levels, which are divided into six worlds: Kongo Jungle, Monkey Mines, Vine Valley, Gorilla Glacier, Kremkroc Industries Inc., and Chimp Caverns. Each world has a distinct theme and features a boss battle at the end.

The game’s difficulty curve starts out relatively easy in the first few levels, gradually increasing in challenge as you progress through each world. The later levels are much more difficult, requiring precise platforming skills and quick reflexes to complete. The boss battles also increase in difficulty, with the final boss battle against King K. Rool being one of the most challenging moments in the game.

Overall, Donkey Kong Country for SNES offers a satisfying level of challenge for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer, there’s plenty to enjoy and master in this classic platformer. Which can only be topped by its sequel Donkey Kong Country 2!

Donkey Kong Country  Cheats

It can be a challenging game at the best of times. Which is why some of these cheats and tips will definitely come in handy.

50 Lives
Quick and easy wasy to get 50 lives. On the Select Game screen, highlight “Erase Game” and press B, A, R, R, A, L and then begin with one of your saved games.

Extra Lives in Level 1
Everyone should know this one! As soon as the game begins, climb up the rocks and enter the hut behind you. Inside you’ll find a red balloon worth 1 life. You can repeat this over and over with the Start + Select exit level button press.

Level Warps
Quick warp to level 3. In the first world go between Coral Capers and Funky’s Flight’s press the button B until Donkey Kong stops in the middle, if done correctly you will be warped to World 3!

There is also another warp between Koral Kapers and Funky’s Flights in Kongo Jungle to skip ahead to Orang-Utan Gang in Vine Valley. The trick is to watch for a one second pauce that either Donkey or Diddy do mid movement. You must also be one or the other not both Donkey & Diddy.

Hardest Levels
In Donkey Kong Country 

Our top 5 hardest levels are also some of our favourites. Mine cart carnage is still to this day an all timer for me. Without any question here are some of the hardest levels in Donkey Kong Country.

“Mine Cart Carnage”: This level, located in the second world, is infamous for its challenging gameplay mechanics that require precise timing and quick reflexes. Players must navigate a mine cart through a series of obstacles while avoiding pitfalls and enemies.

“Orang-utan Gang”: This level, located in the third world, features tricky platforming sections and a difficult boss fight against a group of orangutans.

“Blackout Basement”: This level, located in the fifth world, is set in a dark mine shaft and requires players to navigate through the level without being able to see much of the environment. It’s easy to miss jumps or accidentally run into enemies in the dark, making this level particularly challenging.

“Oil Drum Alley”: This level, located in the second world, features numerous hazards and enemies that can easily knock players off platforms or into pits. The level also requires players to navigate through a maze of barrels and oil drums, making it easy to get lost or disoriented.

“Elevator Antics”: This level, located in the fourth world, requires players to navigate through a vertical maze of elevators and platforms while avoiding enemies and hazards. The level is particularly challenging because players must constantly keep track of their position relative to the elevators and platforms, making it easy to accidentally fall or miss a jump.

DKC Game Bugs & Glitches

While Donkey Kong Country was as well-polished a game you could get in the 90’s, it is not entirely free of glitches or bugs. A lot of sprite issues and glitches can occur through barrels and mid level markers. You can check out Son Of A Glitch for a full breakdown. Here are some notable glitches and bugs we thought we would note:

“Winky Warp”: In some versions of the game, you can use Winky the Frog’s jump ability to clip through walls and reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. This glitch is commonly known as the “Winky Warp.”

The “Dumb Drum”: this glitch allows you to skip the boss fight against Dumb Drum in the level “Chimp Caverns.” 

Start the level “Chimp Caverns” and play through until you reach the barrel that shoots you up to the boss fight against Dumb Drum.

Jump into the barrel, but do not shoot out of it. Instead, hold down the Y button to charge up a roll attack.

While holding down the Y button, press the Start button to pause the game. Keep the Y button held down while the game is paused.

While the game is paused, press the B button to exit the barrel. If done correctly, you should be able to roll into Dumb Drum’s chamber and skip the boss fight entirely.



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