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Motor Toon  Grand Prix 2

Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 is a racing game developed and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 1. It is the sequel to the original Motor Toon Grand Prix game. Another favourite here at Graveyard Video Games.

The original Motor Toon Grand Prix was released in 1994 and was well-received for its unique and cartoonish approach to racing games. The sequel, Motor Toon Grand Prix 2, was released in 1996 and built on the success of the original game with new features and improved gameplay. The sound track and characters make this a classic that some how slipped under the radar. While others focused on the Mario Karts, Motor Toon Gran Prix 2 had that cartoon vibes of the Whacky Wheels lovers hook line and sinker.

Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 – Characters

Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 features a cast of colorful and wacky characters to choose from. Each character has their unique traits and attributes that make them stand out. Here’s a brief description of each character and their strengths and weaknesses:

Beagle Max – A cool and laid-back dog that is quick and agile, but lacks in acceleration and defense. Despite his low defense and acceleration, Beagle Max’s exceptional speed and handling make him an excellent choice for skilled players.

Raptor – A cunning and speedy dinosaur that has excellent acceleration and handling but has low top speed and defense. Raptor’s impressive acceleration and handling, combined with his special ability to glide through the air, make him a top pick for beginners.

Colonel Ratisbon – A military rat that is well-rounded and has balanced stats but lacks any standout abilities. With his balanced stats and special ability to drop bombs, Colonel Ratisbon is a versatile character that can adapt to different tracks and opponents.

Pteranodon – A flying pterodactyl that has great acceleration and top speed but lacks in handling and defense. He is a flying dinosaur with the ability to glide over obstacles and make sharp turns in the air. His acceleration is average but his top speed is one of the highest in the game. Pteranodon’s special ability is a sonic screech that can temporarily stun other racers. Overall, Pteranodon is a great choice for players who enjoy a high-speed, aerial approach to racing.

Porche 962 – A powerful and fast car that has great top speed but is hard to handle and lacks defense. It has exceptional speed and acceleration, making it one of the fastest cars in the game. Its handling is also quite good, allowing for precise cornering and maneuvering through tight spaces. The car’s main drawback, however, is its lack of durability, as it can be easily damaged in collisions with other cars or obstacles on the track.

Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 Cheats & Secrets

While some of these are more of a hintsand tips than cheats. They will still give you a massive head start against the opposition. Even the CPU can be quite hard at times on certain tracks.

When selecting items on the options menu, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2.

Perfect run mode
When selecting the “Replay Video” option, press R1.

Launch start
Very similar to Super Mario Kart just keep and eye on the lights when the yellow light turns on, press X to get a fast acceleration off the starting line.

Fast acceleration
While accelerating, hold the reverse button to push any racer to top speed in approximately one second.

Ghost races
When selecting any memory card option, hold R1. Now you will be able to watch or race against the Sony team’s best runs.

View FMV sequences
Enter all debug codes. Then when selecting the “Replay Video” option, press R1 + X. Now all twenty video sequences within the game may be watched. Some fun ones here.

Debug mode
Select Goodies from the main menu, hold L1, L2, R1, or R2 and press Select. Now four numbers will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. The shift buttons must be held in combinations to enter a hexadecimal number in the debug value. Pressing Select accepts that number. R1 = 1, R2 = 2, L1 = 4, L2 = 8. Thus, to enter a debug value of 6, press R2 + L1.

Feature Debug number
Extra Characters 4E43
Extra Tracks 4154
Tank Combat 5443
Submarine X 5358
Motor Toon R 4631

Hardest Tracks In Motor Toon Grand Prix 2

While there are some challenges in the Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 its not the hardest driving game, but more so the challenging AI. Here are our picks of the hardest tracks: Rainbow Road, Fossil Field, and Dragon Forest.

The challenging obstacles, tight turns, and steep inclines that require precise control and skillful driving to complete successfully. Watch for other tracks that prove to be difficult such as the Toy World (personal favourite), Cosmic Tube, and Aero Sky Highway. As usual there will always be differences based on your skill level but in no way is a driving simluator that you will have a steep learning curve.

It’s the little things some tracks have multiple paths or shortcuts that require skill and precision to navigate. There’s the odd angles of visibility and handling, adding an extra layer of challenge to the race. But overall its such an amazing retro racer that you really have to dive in yourself to get its full nostalgia.

Game Bugs & Glitches

Most of the glitches and bugs in Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 are actually annoying as hell. One of the most common glitches is the “falling through the track” glitch, which causes the player’s vehicle to fall through the track and into the void below. Another glitch is the “stuck in place” glitch, which occurs when the player’s vehicle becomes stuck in a particular area of the track and cannot move. We’ve also seen issues with the game freezing or crashing during play.

Now is it game breaking no. But it does take away from the overall experience and there are no “glitches” we can report that are a benefit for the racer. Which usually means that these were just small errors in code during development that didnt come to light in testing.

Overall still one of my favourite racing games ever made and if you are looking for something to make Mario Kart 64 look somewhat flat in comparison while being on the Sony Playstation then Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 ticks all the boxes.

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