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If you were a kid from the 90s and didnt play NBA Jam and know the cheats…Then you really weren’t living the life. First released in arcades in 1993 and quickly became a fan favorite. I remember being obsessed with “BOOM SHAKALA” and “He’s On Fire”. While you all know I am a huge Nintendo fan, I actually played this first on the the Sega Genesis in 1994. A close friend had it a day after release and to be honest the Genesis version of the game was pretty amazing at the time on par with the arcade version, but with some minor differences.

Despite the minor differences, NBA Jam on Sega Genesis still offered plenty of fun and excitement and still does today. The game’s graphics and sound are what you would expect from the 90s, funky glitchy and great with along with the 16 bit player sprites and sound effects. Theres nothing like just popping in NBA Jam on a friday night getting Bill Clinton or Al Gore and dropping massive front flip dunks.

Hidden Characters

NBA Jam is loaded with hidden characters that are playable after entering a unique intial followed by a button to select the character. This character will be on any team you choose so just select your favourite team and your good!

Player Initials Button
Air Dog AIR A
Al Gore NET B
Bill Clinton ARK A
Chow-Chow CAR C
Sal DiVita SAL C
Jamie Rivett RJR B
Kabuki QB_ A
Mark Turmell MJT A
P-Funk DIS C
Scruff ROD B
Warren Moon UW_ START + A
Weasel SAX C

Cheats & Secrets

These are the most common Sega Genesis cheats used in NBA JAM without having to use a GameShark or Genie. While the smash the backboard is more of a secret than a cheat.

Juice Mode
At the Tonight’s Matchup screen, press A 13 times, and then hold B + C until the court appears.

Powered-Up Fire
A personal favourite to be “On Fire” for the entire game (so good), wait until the “Tonight’s Match-up” screen appears, then hit any button seven times. Then, press and hold B + C + Up until the tipoff.

Powered-Up Turbo
This ones trickey to get but at the “Tonight’s Matchup” screen press A 13 times, then press and hold A + B + C until tip-off.

Shot Percentage Display
This code rates the likelihood that you’ll make a shot, excluding dunks. It’s not very accurate however, as shot likelihood is largely determined by your player’s attributes and whether computer assistance is on. To get this display, press any button once at the “Tonight’s Match-up” screen, then hold A + B + DOWN until the tipoff.

Smash the Backboard
First, you have to do alot of dunks, and get most of your points in the 4th period. When you have around 48 points, dunk the ball with a player with full dunk power and the backboard will break.

Game Bugs & Glitches

While NBA Jam on Sega Genesis is a beloved classic, it’s not without its share of bugs and glitches. These issues can impact gameplay and sometimes even make the game unplayable. Here are some of the most well-known bugs and glitches in NBA Jam on Sega Genesis:

The Out-of-Bounds Glitch – This glitch can occur when a player takes a shot from behind the three-point line and the ball goes out of bounds. In some cases, the ball will not be returned to the court, effectively ending the game.

The Double Dribble Glitch – This glitch can occur when a player performs a double dribble, causing the game to freeze and become unresponsive.

The Invisible Player Glitch – This glitch can occur when a player is accidentally knocked out of bounds and becomes invisible. This can make it difficult for other players to track their movements and can give the invisible player an unfair advantage.

While these bugs and glitches can be frustrating, there are some workarounds that players can use to avoid them. For example, avoiding shots from behind the three-point line can help prevent the Out-of-Bounds Glitch from occurring. Similarly, players can avoid performing double dribbles to prevent the Double Dribble Glitch from happening.

Despite these issues, NBA Jam on Sega Genesis has gained a reputation as a cult classic among retro gamers. The bugs and glitches are seen as part of the game’s charm and add to its overall nostalgic appeal. Whether you’re a seasoned NBA Jam player or just starting out, these bugs and glitches are sure to make your gameplay experience even more memorable.

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