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Primal Rage

In the early 90s, the world of gaming was set ablaze with fighting games throughout Arcades and the console ports. One of these monster ports was of course Primal Rage for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). A primal clash of colossal proportions, this fighting game unleashed prehistoric creatures locked in fierce battles for dominance. You know we love the era of 16-bit gaming. But this game was one of the few that had me angrier than Fran Sinclair from Dinosaurs. Which is why we cover Primal Rage Snes Moves, Finishers and cheats as part of our Cheats & Walkthroughs list.

Primal Rage, developed by Atari Games, made its debut, bringing with it a unique blend of fighting mechanics and prehistoric creatures. The SNES version, released in 1995, caught some backlash due to its audio issues and questionable input drama. Personally I had a blast with it With its captivating visuals, unique character designs, and engaging gameplay, Primal Rage quickly carved a niche for itself in the annals of fighting game history.

How Many Characters In Primal Rage?

Within the brutal arena of Primal Rage on the SNES, players could take control of a roster of seven ferocious characters, each representing a different species and possessing its own distinctive moves and abilities. These characters embodied the primal forces of Earth, Fire, Water, and more, and their battles reverberated across lush landscapes and devastated cities.

Armadon: A hulking Ankylosaurus, Armadon’s armored hide and powerful tail strikes made him a formidable opponent.

Blizzard: This frosty creature harnessed the chilling power of ice, freezing foes in their tracks with an icy breath.

Chaos: Embodying the very essence of disorder, Chaos’ chaotic movements and wild attacks made him unpredictable in battle.

Diablo: With fiery breath and fearsome wings, Diablo was a living embodiment of fire, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

Sauron: Towering over his opponents, Sauron combined brute strength with potent energy attacks, making him a force to be reckoned with.

Talon: A swift and agile raptor, Talon’s speed and aerial prowess allowed players to execute lightning-fast combos.

Vertigo: The embodiment of wind and air, Vertigo’s graceful movements and control over the elements made her a unique and challenging adversary.

Moves List Including Fatalities: Unleashing Devastation

Each character in Primal Rage followed suit of another very popular game in the ninties however PR brought its own arsenal of moves and fatalities to the prehistoric battlefield, which made for a great edition to any 90s kids weekend rental. Here’s a quick list of each of the moves and finishers for Primal Rage on Snes.

  • Armadon:

    • Roll Attack: ↘ ➞ P
    • Tail Swipe: ← ➞ K
    • Fatalities: Back, Down, Down, Back, Back, P
  • Blizzard:

    • Freeze Breath: ← ↙ ↓ ➞ P
    • Ice Shower: ← ➞ K
    • Fatalities: ← ➞ ← ↙ ↓ ➞ P
  • Chaos:
    • Spinning Attack: ↓ ← P
    • Blood Frenzy: ← ➞ K
    • Fatalities: ← ↓ → ↓ ← P
  • Diablo:
    • Fire Breath: ↓ ↙ ← P
    • Meteor Slam: ← ➞ K
    • Fatalities: ← → ↓ ← P
  • Vertigo:

    • Wind Gust: ← ↙ ↓ ➞ P
    • Sky Dive: ← ➞ K
    • Fatalities: ← → ← ↓ → P
  • Sauron:

    • Energy Orb: ↓ ↙ ← P
    • Power Slam: ← ➞ K
    • Fatalities: ↑ ← → ← P
  • Talon:

    • Dive Kick: ↓ ↘ ➞ K
    • Wing Flap: ← ➞ P
    • Fatalities: ← ← → ↓ ← P

Cheats On Snes

While Primal Rage was designed to be a challenging the Arcade version was a coin theif taking literally and change I had. But with a few cheats it makes this a whole lot better.

  • Level Select: Enter the password JASPER while selecting a character. This cheat allows you to choose the battleground for your epic duels.
  • Easy Fatalities: If executing fatalities requires too much precision, enter the password THAGROCK and watch as fatalities become much easier to perform.
  • Play as Bosses: To take control of the powerful bosses, enter the password FERGUS. This cheat allows you to assume the role of these colossal adversaries in battles.
  • Disable Throws: For those who prefer a no-throw environment, the password KAK will disable throws in battles.
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