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Resident Evil 2

Over my many many years of gaming. Few if any games of the horror genre have taken my full focus for as long as the Resident Evil series. RESIDENT EVIL 2 released for the PlayStation (PSX) console in 1998. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know the game is set in the zombie-infested Raccoon City and follows the story of two hero’s, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, as they try to survive and uncover the truth behind the outbreak. The game features a third-person perspective and requires players to solve puzzles, explore the environment, and fight against various enemies to progress through the story.

Resident Evil 2 –  Levels

In terms of level and difficulty, RE2 progressively becomes more challenging as the you progress through each section. The police station can be considered the easiest section of the game, while the laboratory (being the last) is the most difficult.

While Leon and Claire have different paths they follow a similar direction.

The Gas Station – The game begins at the gas station where you’re challened to escape from the zombie horde and make your way to the police station.

The Police Station – This is the main hub of the game, where you explore and solve puzzles to progress. This section is broken up into several areas, including the main hall, east wing, west wing, and basement.

The Sewers – After eventually leaving the police station, you must navigate through the sewers to reach the Umbrella Corporation’s secret laboratory. 

The Laboratory – The final section of the game, and most challenging for me anyway is to where you must uncover truth behind the Umbrella Corporation’s experiments and put an end to the outbreak. (You hope).

RE2 Cheats & Secrets

Okay, if you’re struggling to get past a certain section or you decided to up the difficulty and its just to damn hard. You’ll probably love to know the following cheats.

Infinite Ammo Cheat – During gameplay, press and hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 and then press Square, Circle, Triangle, and X. This cheat will grant you infinite ammo for all weapons. A true blessing!

All Weapons Cheat – At the title screen, press and hold R2 and then press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, and then Square. This cheat will unlock all weapons in the game.

Invincibility Cheat – During gameplay, press and hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 and then press Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle, and X. This cheat will make you invincible and immune to damage.

Extreme Battle Mode Cheat – To unlock Extreme Battle Mode, complete the game once with either character on any difficulty setting. This mode will unlock a new game mode where you must survive waves of enemies and reach the end of the level.

Still struggling? Check out our Gameshark Codes For Resident Evil 2.

The Top 5 Hardest Sections Of Resident Evil 2

So without spoiling the game for those who are still yet to play it. Yes, its possible. Here is our pick for the top 5 hardest sections of Resident Evil 2. Now depending on your ability some will say the entire game is hard and others will say it was a walk in the park. We picked five areas that caused us headaches.

The Sewers: The mazes here are painful at times. Add to that the large number of enemies that can be overwhelming, especially on higher difficulty levels. Players must navigate through the area carefully to avoid getting lost and running out of resources.

The Police Station: This location is one of the central areas of the game, and players will need to solve several puzzles to progress. The police station is also infested with a large number of enemies that can make exploration and puzzle-solving more challenging. Along with some jump scares to add to the madness.

The Laboratory: The final section of the game takes place in an underground laboratory filled with tough enemies and complex puzzles. The lab is a challenging area, and players must be prepared to use all their skills and resources to reach the end without using those cheats lol.

The Final Boss: The final boss of the game is one of the toughest in the series, and players will need to use all their skills and resources to defeat this powerful enemy and finish the game.

Secret Ending: While its not necessarily a seciont of the game, its hard in itself to achieve. To unlock the secret ending, players must complete both Leon and Claire’s campaigns, and then start a new game with a cleared save file. During this playthrough, players must collect all four hidden “Infinity” items: the “Eagle Stone” (Leon’s Scenario A), “Blue Stone” (Leon’s Scenario B), “Serpent Stone” (Claire’s Scenario A), and “Red Stone” (Claire’s Scenario B). These items can be found in specific locations throughout the game.

Once all four Infinity items are collected, players must use them on the large circular device in the Underground Laboratory to unlock the secret ending. The ending shows a brief scene that hints at the events of the next game in the series, RESIDENT EVIL 3: Nemesis.


Overall, RESIDENT EVIL 2 for PSX is a challenging game that requires skill, strategy, and patience to complete. While some sections are more difficult than others, players must stay alert and be prepared for anything if they hope to make it through the game alive.

Resident Evil 2 Game Bugs & Glitches

We love our game bugs and glitches here at Graveyard Video Games and the playstation version of RESIDENT EVIL 2 is no different. Some of these we’ve experienced in the office others we’ve had report of, none the less here are this list:

Camera Angle Issues: If you’ve played any third person game this is always an issue. RE2 uses fixed camera angles, which can sometimes result in awkward angles that make it challenging to navigate through certain areas, while not being killed.

Save Game Corruption: Personal pain here, first playthrough I had this happy twice. It’s where there are issues with corrupted save files that prevent you from continuing their progress in the game. A nightmare!

Audio Issues: There have been multiple reports of crazy audio glitches, including missing sound effects and cutscenes not playing correctly. But my favourite being the crow glitch in the police station where the sound gets stuck on, which is so annoying you have to restart the game.

Door Glitches: Kerry from the team had an instances where she got stuck in the door. As in can’t physically move at all. Weird!

It’s worth noting that not all players will encounter these issues, and some may experience different bugs or glitches. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to save the game regularly and keep multiple save files to avoid losing progress due to game-breaking bugs or glitches. You can also create some crazy glitches when using Gameshark codes. Check them out and see what crazy bugs you an make!

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