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Remember the excitement of opening a fresh game box? The smell of the manual, the glint of the cartridge? Yeah, me too. This one hits home hard, Star Fox for the SNES. I know I say this a lot but there’s something magical about the SNES era, a time when 3D was just breaking into the mainstream and games were pushing boundaries in both storytelling and gameplay. “Star Fox” was no exception. It’s been a long time since I first played the game after buying a copy from Mr. Toys, seriously I remember the day clearly.

Long before I moved to North America back in the 80s and 90s I lived in Australia. The go to for Snes games was either Big W or Mr Toys. Star Fox had me frothing. The game’s polygonal graphics, thrilling space dogfights, and the charm of Fox McCloud and his team were something to behold. The narrative, though simple, tugged at our hearts, making us root for the team of anthropomorphic animals as they took on the evil Andross.

Star Fox The Story & Levels

If you are late to the game players like myself were introduced to the brave Fox McCloud and his loyal Star Fox team, comprising of Peppy Hare, Falco Lombardi, and Slippy Toad. Their mission? To defend their beloved homeworld, Corneria, from the menacing forces of the evil scientist, Andross.

Having been banished to the remote planet Venom for his dangerous experiments, Andross seeks vengeance, amassing a massive army to lay siege to Corneria. Through intense space battles, treacherous terrains, and a series of challenges, Fox and his team navigate their Arwings in a desperate bid to thwart Andross’s invasion and restore peace to the Lylat System.

Navigating through the vastness of space, players of Star Fox were introduced to a variety of levels, each bringing its unique challenges. The game allowed players to choose different routes, with Route 3 being notoriously the hardest. I remember how it took me almost a year to complete it. With other commitments and life events, I didn’t get many chances to lock in a full playtime. But the satisfaction of completing it? Priceless. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Route 1:
It’s the most straightforward, guiding you through planets like Corneria and the Asteroid Belt.

Route 2:
Slightly more challenging with its twists and turns, especially the dreaded Space Armada.

Route 3:
The hardest of them all, with Sector Z and Venom being the standout challenges.

Need Cheats?

As I mentioned it took me almost a year to get round to finishing Star Fox that would have been greatly reduced if I new the right warps. While Star Fox doesn’t have a plethora of cheats, the ones it has are sure to give you a little help:

  • Black Hole Warp: In Level 1-2, the Asteroid Belt, keep your eyes peeled for a spinning asteroid bar. Hit the center just before collision, and repeat for the next two. Done right, a laughing asteroid appears. Unload your lasers and open the gateway to the mysterious Black Hole, a lost ship graveyard with three level warps.
  • Enter Another Dimension: Head to the asteroid belt in level three. Blast the second big asteroid until it crumbles to reveal a peculiar bird-like figure. Resist the urge to shoot and ram into it to drift ”out of this dimension”. Your task? Shooting paper-like objects. Be wary of the boss without a life meter; your goal is to get three 7s displayed. Adjust the ”THE END” letters till they’re orange. (Thanks to zacongpow for this one!)
  • Silver Phoenix Spotting: Bypass the blue Supply Ring in the Asteroid Belt, Sector X, or Venom (orbit) stages. If done right, the elusive Silver Phoenix graces your screen, dropping four yellow Supply Circles. (Courtesy of delta_7890)
  • Whale in Sector Y: Want a power-ups shower? Shoot all grey and red hostiles in Sector Y till they turn blue. Achieve this, and a majestic whale emerges at the stage end, sprinkling power-ups in its wake.

StarFox Nintendo Power Cover
star fox team image

Bugs and Glitches

Oh, the bittersweet joy of encountering a glitch! Star Fox had its share. It seems like yesterday when I stumbled upon a ‘Wrong Warp’ glitch. It catapulted me to an unlisted map location for “Out Of This Dimension. Which is why its not listed as a cheat.

There is also another Glitch at the end of the game where Andross continues to attack you with both eyes even after destroying them. If your health is extremely low this can cause you to die which is frustrating to say the least.



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