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Streets Of Rage 2

Remember the times when simplicity ruled the gaming world? Yes, we are diving back into the era of the Sega Genesis, and this time, it’s all about Streets of Rage 2. This was the Captain Commando of console games – if you’re unfamiliar with CC it was a Capcom Arcade game from the same era. When beatem ups were strong in their presence. This game that stole the spotlight and proved that Sega could do so much more, even with just a three-button controller!

It’s no secret that I was a and still am mostly a Nintendo guy. But it was games like Streets Of Rage 2 that made me appreciate team blue. The graphics, the gameplay, the music – everything was a notch higher, creating a spectacle for the beat ’em up genre and continues to have replay value today!

Rage On The Street – Story & Levels

My first full playthrough wasn’t until my early thirties at a bachelor pre-party. Okay so a little nerdy – we were waiting to leave okay! We had some time up our sleeves and to be fair with a few beers this game was a little easier than I remember as a kid.

It’s not just about beating the bad guys; it’s about the journey through these levels. From the city streets to the inside of a moving truck, each level brought its own unique challenges and enemies. The variety was just phenomenal, keeping us glued to the screen and our controller (Who’s getting married? meh lol):

Stage 1: Downtown – The classic city street, setting the tone for the adventure.
Stage 2: The Bridge – Watch out for the bikers!
Stage 3: The Amusement Park – Who thought an amusement park could be this dangerous?
Stage 4: The Stadium – Fighting in the ring, Streets of Rage style.
Stage 5: The Ship – Brawling on a moving ship, talk about taking things to the next level.
Stage 6: The Factory – Conveyor belts and machinery, a recipe for chaos.
Stage 7: The Elevator – A classic beat ’em up scenario, but always a hit.
Stage 8: Mr. X’s Lair – The final showdown, intense and unforgettable.

And if we talk about the hardest to clear? That’s subjective, but the later stages surely packed a punch and tested our skills to the max. We earned every beer that night.

Streets Of Rage 2 Cheats

This is one of those games that, I rarely need cheats or wanted too. But heres the thing now its on Switch Online its even less needed. You can pause save your state and have lunch come back two days later and continue. But that wasnt always the case right. Gaming in the 90s was leave the Genesis on until your friends Mom turns it off on you. So yeah – cheats can be a blessing.

Level and Lives Select

On the main menu. Just hold down (A) + (B) on controller 2 while selecting Options. You can now select how many lives you start with (up to 9), choose your starting stage, and play at the Very Easy and  or EXTREME Mania difficulty levels. Extreme with cheats is still hard!

No Fall Damage

After being thrown by an enemy, it is possible to prevent taking damage from the fall by holding UP and the JUMP button while falling until you land. Your character should land on his/her feet and not take any damage at all. Use this to your advantage!

The last one really isn’t a cheat persay but more of an unlockable. You can unlock one hit kill mode once you finish the game. I remember someone calling it “Fists Of Death” or something to that nature. Either way if you are doing your second play through its one hit kills.

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Glitches & Bugs: Streets Flawless?

No, no it was not. Streets of Rage 2 was no flawless game. However, the glitches and bugs didn’t take away from the gaming experience; if anything, they added to the charm.

Enemies getting stuck in certain parts of the levels to odd hitbox moments, these glitches were all part of the ride. And let’s not forget, the level of detail and the slight gore in the fights? Sega really knew how to pack a punch and make every hit count.

Wall Stuck:

You can get thrown out of gameplay and into the walls. Where only certain enemies ca hit you. Pressing down once inside the wall can put you back into regular play.To do it get to a cornered wall and let an enemy throw you towards it. Boom – wall hacks activated.

Maxes Tackle Glitch:

During the first level – Barbon can block your attacks. When using Maxes slide tackle and hitting on a diagonal it glitches their health bar. Barbon takes the most damage from the thunder tackle and can be killed in one movement.

Carry Your Team Mate:

This one I found completely by accident. You can literally carry your team mate through levels. Before a scene transition you have to kill your partner on their last life. As the timer ticks down to continue it will stop and leave your partner in their death pose in mid air. The timer wont run out instead you will carry them through the next scene until it ends. Then boom your team mate can choose their character and you are back at it. Great for when someone needs a toilet break!



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