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Super Mario Bros. 3 holds a special place in my heart my wifes heart and many gamers across the globe. Originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1988, it quickly became a beloved classic. Its success led to a re-release on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) as part of the Super Mario All-Stars compilation in 1993, further cementing its iconic status. Both of which are still going on the used market for close to release prices, check price charting its crazy!

Taking that classic 2D mario and literally giving it wings (or tails) to take the game to new heights, only really rivalled by Super Mario World. The game introduced new features and gameplay mechanics that revolutionized the platforming genre. Players were treated to vibrant and diverse worlds, a map system that allowed for non-linear progression, and power-ups that brought fresh abilities to Mario and his friends. The combination of its charming graphics, catchy music, and challenging levels made Super Mario Bros. 3 an instant hit.

Super Mario 3 Levels

The greatest part of Super Mario Bros. 3 is of course the eight distinctive worlds, each with its own stunning design, enemies, and challenges.  I remember the first time I got to Desert Land, the music and theme were absolutely amazing. Here’s an overview of each world:

Grass Land: This is the starting world of the game, characterized by lush green landscapes and iconic enemies like Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Piranha Plants. It serves as an introduction to the game mechanics and features relatively straightforward levels.

Desert Land: As the name suggests, this world features sandy deserts, pyramids, and quicksand hazards. Players will encounter unique enemies such as Pokeys, menacing suns called Hot Foots, and roaming Piranha Plants. Be careful to avoid the treacherous quicksand!

Water Land: Prepare to get wet in this aquatic-themed world. Water Land is filled with underwater levels, challenging players to navigate through tight spaces and avoid dangerous enemies like Cheep-Cheeps, Bloopers, and menacing Big Berthas. Swimming skills are essential here.

Giant Land: In this world, everything is supersized! Expect giant enemies like Big Goombas, oversized Koopa Troopas, and even colossal Piranha Plants. The levels are designed to emphasize the scale difference, providing unique challenges as players maneuver through the giant obstacles.

Sky Land: Ascend to the skies in this ethereal world. Sky Land is full of floating platforms, gusts of wind, and tricky jumps. Look out for enemies like Lakitus, Bullet Bills, and those pesky Buzzy Beetles. Master the art of precise jumps and aerial maneuvers to conquer this lofty domain.

Ice Land: Brace yourself for a frosty adventure in Ice Land. This world is covered in ice and snow, making movement slippery and treacherous. Watch out for enemies like icy-spiked Spinies, Slipices, and sneaky ice-skating Hammer Brothers. Traverse the icy terrain with caution and precision.

Pipe Land: Get ready to journey through an underground maze of pipes and tunnels in this world. Pipe Land is known for its intricate pipe networks, secret passages, and warp pipes. Along the way, you’ll encounter enemies like Pipe Lakitus, Spiny Cheep-Cheeps, and menacing Fire Chomps.

Dark Land: The final world is a foreboding, volcanic realm known as Dark Land. Bowser’s lair awaits, guarded by powerful enemies like Fire Brothers, Sledge Brothers, and dangerous Podoboos. Be prepared for challenging levels and intense boss battles as you confront Bowser and save the Mushroom Kingdom.

How to Get All Warp Whistles on Super Mario Bros. 3

If you are like me then there are certain levels in Super Mario 3 that are just a pain to play through. The Ice Land and even the Water land can be annoying. Which is why the warp whistles are a must to jump those levels and skip through the game. 

Here’s how to obtain all three Warp Whistles:

World 1:
In World 1-3, there is a hidden  Mushroom House towards the end of the level. To get to it, stand on the white block near the end of the level and crouch  for five seconds until you fall through entering a background glitch. Run all the way to the right of the level behind the goal box until the screen fades and boom a secret mushroom house with one chest will reveal the first warp whistle.

World 1:
In World 1-Fortress, dodge the first few enemies ensure that you are using the Racoon suit and make your way past the first large lava gap. This gap will have no ceiling when you land crush the skelleton turtle to give you time to P run from the left side of the screen. Take off and fly back up to the right where you ran from until you land on a secret floor. Then proceed as far right as you can and push Up to enter the secret room. You will fall down on to the secret warp whistle!

World 2:
In World 2, make your way through most of the map. The goal here is to reach the Boomerang Brothers on the far right of the map.

Once you beat them they will give you a Hammer. Move back across to the top right of the map to see a rock blocking a secret path. Break the rock with the Hammer and beat the Fire brothers to get the third and final warp whistles.


How to Beat Super Mario Bros. 3

Conquering Super Mario Bros. 3 requires skill, perseverance or of course those great warp whistels. Even being a veterean of Super Mario Bowser still poses a challenge but here are somethings to help you through the game:

Master Mario’s Abilities: Experiment with power-ups and learn the unique abilities they offer. The Raccoon and Tanooki suits provide the ability to fly, granting access to hidden areas and shortcuts. The Frog suit enhances underwater mobility, and the Hammer suit allows you to throw hammers at enemies. Utilize these as well as that great P Wing to skip challenges that make your life a nightmare.

Explore Thoroughly: Super Mario Bros. 3 is filled with secrets, including hidden blocks, warp pipes, and alternative paths. Take your time to explore each level thoroughly, keeping an eye out for suspicious-looking blocks or walls that may conceal hidden surprises.

Learn Enemy Patterns: Each enemy in Super Mario Bros. 3 follows distinct patterns. Study their movements and attack patterns to anticipate their actions and plan your strategy accordingly. 

Practice Precision Jumps: Precision jumps are key to successfully navigating the game’s obstacles. Timing your jumps carefully and landing precisely on platforms is essential, particularly in levels with moving platforms or gaps. Take the time to practice your jumps to improve your accuracy and progress through the game more effectively.

But most of all, enjoy the game. You will get better and eventually safe the princess from the right castle! It’s such a great game that there really is no downside to playing it over and over.

Glitches and Bugs in Super Mario Bros. 3

Despite its status as a beloved classic, Super Mario Bros. 3 is not exempt from having its fair share of glitches and bugs. These unintended quirks in the game’s programming can lead to unexpected and often amusing results. Let’s explore a couple of notable glitches:

The Minus World: One of the most well-known glitches in Super Mario Bros. 3 is the Minus World, inspired by a similar glitch in the original Super Mario Bros. game. To access the Minus World, reach the end of World 1-2 and perform a running jump at the right edge of the pipe. With precise timing, Mario will slip through the wall and enter the infamous Minus World. This glitch takes you to a never-ending underwater level, represented by a series of pipes.

The Infinite Lives Glitch: Similar to the famous 1-Up trick, there is another glitch in Super Mario Bros. 3 that allows for unlimited lives. In certain levels, such as World 3-4, there are hidden blocks that contain power-ups. By using a Koopa shell to hit these blocks continuously, you can generate infinite 1-Up mushrooms, granting you an unlimited supply of lives.

While glitches can add a touch of unpredictability and excitement to the game, it’s important to remember that they are unintended and may not work consistently. Proceed with caution and enjoy these quirks at your own risk.



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