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Super Mario World is in my top three Super Nintendo Games. Originally released in November of 1990, It was a bigger change up to the Mario landscape as what Super Mario Brothers 3 was. With its vibrant graphics, catchy music, and innovative gameplay, Super Mario World took the beloved franchise to new heights.

As the flagship title for the SNES, Super Mario World showcased and bundled with the console itself but also as a part of Super Mario All Stars + World. It introduced players to the sprawling and interconnected Dinosaur Land, where Mario embarked on a quest to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of the villainous Bowser. With the introduction of Yoshi, Mario’s trusty dinosaur companion, the game introduced new mechanics and abilities that added depth to the platforming gameplay.

Super Mario World Levels

This was around the time that Nintendo doubled down on expansive worlds in their Mario games. Super Mario 3 was such a success that it seemed like the only way was up or out I should say. Each of the levels have such great design and music as a kid it was like playing a different Mario game in each section.

Yoshi’s Island: As the starting zone, Yoshi’s Island serves as an introduction to the game’s mechanics. This vibrant and cheerful world features rolling hills, cascading waterfalls, and friendly Yoshis. Players will navigate through lush landscapes, face Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Piranha Plants, and get accustomed to riding Yoshi, the iconic dinosaur companion.

Donut Plains: Donut Plains is a delightful zone characterized by its expansive plains, rolling hills, and sparkling bodies of water. Players will encounter classic enemies like Koopas, Paratroopas, and Cheep-Cheeps. Donut Plains introduces players to secret exits that lead to hidden areas and shortcuts.

Vanilla Dome: The Vanilla Dome presents a darker and more mysterious atmosphere, with its underground caverns, twisting tunnels, and ominous music. Players will face new challenges like the cave-dwelling Chargin’ Chucks, flying Monty Moles, and tricky Buzzy Beetles. The Vanilla Dome also features secret exits that unlock alternate paths.

Twin Bridges: Twin Bridges is a short but memorable zone that connects Vanilla Dome to the Forest of Illusion. Players will navigate across narrow bridges suspended above a vast expanse of water, encountering unique enemies like Torpedo Teds and Spike Tops.

Forest of Illusion: The Forest of Illusion is a dense and perplexing forest with intricate paths, hidden areas, and puzzling levels. This zone challenges players to navigate through deceptive illusions, secret exits, and various hazards. Beware of pesky enemies like Wigglers, Swoopers, and Forest Ghosts.

Chocolate Island: Chocolate Island is a sweet and delectable zone with its chocolate-themed landscapes, cookie cliffs, and molten lava rivers. Players will encounter new obstacles like walking Koopa Troopas, Rip Van Fish, and Rexes. The level design in Chocolate Island gradually increases in difficulty, testing players’ platforming skills.

Valley of Bowser: As the penultimate zone, the Valley of Bowser is a menacing and foreboding domain filled with treacherous fortresses and perilous castles. Players will face off against intimidating enemies like Mecha-Koopas, Blarggs, and the infamous Reznors. The Valley of Bowser culminates in a climactic battle against Bowser himself. If you are struggling with Bowser or any of the levels you can always throw in your Action Replay codes and make it easy. We have a full list of Action Replay codes for Super Mario World here.

Star World: The Star World is a collection of hidden courses that can be accessed by discovering secret exits in regular levels. These celestial-themed levels offer unique challenges and serve as gateways to the game’s Special World. Completing all the Star World levels unlocks the coveted Star Road, providing quick access to different areas of Dinosaur Land.

Special World: For seasoned players seeking an ultimate challenge, the Special World offers a set of exceptionally difficult levels. These courses feature unconventional mechanics, intricate platforming sequences, and surprises at every turn. Completing the Special World is a true test of skill and provides a rewarding experience for dedicated players.

Super Mario World had such a wide array of enemies like Fire Brothers, Sledge Brothers, and dangerous Podoboos. It wasnt all easy either challenging level design and intense boss battles even before you confront Bowser and save the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario World Secret Courses

The amount of secrets in Super Mario World is crazy. I remember when I first saw the Star World in Nintendo Power magazine. So many other secrets and additional challenges if you take that second secret exit. Here are some notable secret courses to discover:

Star World: Obviously and still my favourite of the bund. Accessible through secret exits, Star World consists of several levels that reward skilled players with shortcuts to later stages. Complete all Star World levels to unlock the coveted Star Road, which provides quick access to different areas of Dinosaur Land.

Special World: Okay so this took a little longer to get as you need to completed Star Road, but the Special World offers a series of challenging levels and that awesome Special sign. This world is more annoying than fun for me with those damn music notes.

Top Secret Area: Discover the Top Secret Area by finding the secret exit in Donut Plains 1. This hidden location serves as a hub where you can stock up on power-ups and extra lives, ensuring you’re fully prepared for the trials ahead.

The road to these secret courses is more fun than some of the levels. But if you’re a true retro gamer you want to check them out, if you havent already of course.


How Do You 100% Super Mario World?

Super Mario World and achieving 100% completion is a goal for many dedicated players like myself strived to achieve. I can say that it took sometime but I did get there! To fully complete the game, you’ll need to explore every nook and cranny, uncover secret exits, collect all the Dragon Coins, and conquer every level and challenge. Here’s a guide on how to achieve 100% completion in Super Mario World:

Defeat Bowser: The primary objective is to rescue Princess Peach by defeating Bowser in his castle. This requires progressing through all the worlds and defeating the bosses in their respective fortresses. Once you’ve reached Bowser’s castle, navigate its treacherous levels and emerge victorious in the final battle.

Collect Dragon Coins: Each level in Super Mario World features five Dragon Coins, which are typically hidden or placed in challenging locations. Collecting all five Dragon Coins in every level is a crucial part of achieving 100% completion. Dragon Coins are often found in concealed areas, behind secret walls, or within challenging platforming segments. Be thorough in your exploration to ensure you’ve collected them all.

Discover Secret Exits: Super Mario World is renowned for its secret exits, which lead to hidden areas and shortcuts. Many levels have multiple exits, so it’s essential to search for hidden pathways, colored blocks, or unusual level features. Finding secret exits allows you to access alternate paths, unlock additional levels, and uncover hidden secrets.

Unlock Star Road: Star Road is a significant aspect of achieving 100% completion. To unlock it, find secret exits in specific levels and collect the required number of Star World keyholes. Star Road provides shortcuts to various parts of Dinosaur Land, making it easier to revisit levels and access previously inaccessible areas.

Explore Special World: The Special World is a challenging set of levels unlocked after completing Star Road. The Special World offers even more difficult and unique platforming experiences. Conquer the Special World’s levels to truly test your skills and unlock additional surprises.

Discover Top Secret Area: The Top Secret Area is a hidden location accessible through secret exits. It serves as a hub where you can stock up on power-ups, including Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, Capes, and Yoshi Eggs. Regularly visit the Top Secret Area to ensure you’re well-prepared for your adventures.

Complete all Levels and Zones: To achieve 100% completion, you must complete all 96 levels and explore every zone. This includes traversing through the main worlds, the Star World, and the Special World. Be meticulous in your progress, ensuring you’ve conquered every level and defeated every boss.

Master the Bonus Games: Super Mario World features bonus games accessible through the various goal posts scattered throughout the levels. Aim to maximize your score in the bonus games to earn extra lives and power-ups. This can help you throughout your journey and contribute to achieving 100% completion.

It wont be easy. You will no doubt curse and be tempted to launch that controller at the tv. But you will get there. Good luck.

Glitches and Bugs in Super Mario World

This game was actually plagued by glitches some that have only just been discovered by speed runners and completionists.Notable mentions are of course, harmless koopa, the Anti-Gravity room where you get stuck inside the walls and lastly the missing goal glitch where you can’t finish the level if you glitch past the flag. Here are a few glitches and bugs how to’s:

The “Blue Yoshi” Glitch: This glitch involves Yoshi turning blue, which can be triggered by swallowing certain enemies at specific moments. When Yoshi spits out a shell while standing on a note block, then immediately swallows a Koopa Troopa, the glitch occurs, resulting in a temporarily blue-colored Yoshi. This glitch has no significant gameplay impact but provides a fun visual alteration.

The “Keyhole Jump” Bug: In certain levels, there are keyholes that require a key to unlock secret exits. If Mario performs a perfectly timed jump just as he enters the keyhole, it can result in unexpected outcomes, such as skipping portions of a level or even bypassing entire worlds. This bug allows for unconventional progress through the game.

While glitches and bugs can be entertaining to discover and experiment with, they may affect the intended gameplay experience. Proceed with caution and remember that they are not official features of the game.



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