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Tekken 3 released for the PlayStation 1 (after its Arcade release earlier) back in March 1998 honestly, has to be considered one of the greatest fighting games of all time. It was developed and published by Namco who lets be honest was the top of gaming in the late ninties.

If you have been living under a rock and don’t know the game’s storyline it  follows the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 3, a worldwide martial arts competition. Involves several characters, including Jin Kazama, who seeks to avenge the death of his mother and defeat his evil grandfather, Heihachi Mishima. Other characters include the cyborg ninja Yoshimitsu, the capoeira fighter Eddy Gordo, and the wrestler King. We wil dive into character traits and moves a little later.

From a gameplay point of view, each character in Tekken 3 has their own unique moves and fighting style. By default, the console version of the game has only 10 playable characters, with the remaining ones being unlocked upon fulfilling certain conditions. 

Tekken 3 – Best Characters 

Ok so we know that everyone has a favourite character in Tekken 3 actually any fighting game for that matter. Whether you’re a grab artist or combo specialist every character has their best and worst attributes. Check out our quick break down on who can suit your game style.

Jin Kazama:
Best Attribute: Jin is a well-balanced fighter with a mix of punches, kicks, and throws, making him versatile in combat.

Worst Attribute: He lacks strong long-range moves, making him vulnerable to enemies with good spacing and zoning abilities.

Best Attribute: King is a powerful wrestler with high damage output and a variety of throws and grapples that can easily disrupt the opponent’s movements.

Worst Attribute: He has relatively slow attacks, which can leave him open to quick and agile fighters.

Best Attribute: Yoshimitsu is a fast ninja with a range of tricky moves, including teleports and unblockable attacks, that can easily surprise the opponent.

Worst Attribute: His moves can be challenging to execute, requiring precise timing, and thus can be risky if not used correctly.

Nina Williams:
Best Attribute: Nina is a fast and agile assassin with a range of punches and kicks that have excellent combo potential, making her deadly in the right hands.

Worst Attribute: Her moves are relatively weak, and she can be easily interrupted if not timed correctly.

Lei Wulong:
Best Attribute: Lei is a versatile fighter with a vast array of moves, including punches, kicks, throws, and stances, making him a tricky opponent to predict.

Worst Attribute: He lacks a dominant strength, meaning he can struggle to deal with opponents who excel in one particular area.

Anna Williams:
Best Attribute: Anna is a fast and agile fighter, with an emphasis on kicks, that can easily disrupt the opponent’s movements.

Worst Attribute: Her moves are relatively weak, and she can be vulnerable to long-range attacks.

Paul Phoenix:
Best Attribute: Paul is a straightforward fighter with a range of powerful punches and kicks that have high damage output, making him a strong pick for beginners.

Worst Attribute: His moves are relatively slow, and he can be predictable in combat.

Forest Law:
Best Attribute: Forest is a fast and agile fighter with an emphasis on kicks, making him deadly in close-range combat.

Worst Attribute: His moves are relatively weak, and he can struggle against opponents with strong long-range attacks.

Best Attribute: Kuma is a powerful fighter with high damage output, and his bear-like body makes him immune to some low attacks.

Worst Attribute: He has relatively slow attacks and can struggle against quick and agile fighters.

Best Attribute: Xiaoyu is a fast and agile fighter with a mix of punches and kicks that can easily disrupt the opponent’s movements.

Worst Attribute: Her moves are relatively weak, and she can struggle against opponents with strong defense.

Tekken 3 Cheats & Secrets

While Tekken 3 is not the cheat filled game that other fighting games are such as Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 was, there is still plenty of neat little alternates that make it worth tinkering especially if you love seeing what developers have snuck into the game.

Alternate Winning Poses
Perfect example of this is differnt winning poses put into the game. Simply, hold down LEFT KICK or RIGHT KICK during the replay of your win. If you wanted to see the original poses, hold down LEFT PUNCH or RIGHT PUNCH during the replay of your win. Make sure you hold the button down during all of the replay.

There are only a handful of alternate poses.

Tekken and Tekken 2 Videos
Not so much a cheat but great for those Tekken heads, if you’re in Theatre mode and have save data from Tekken or Tekken 2 on your memory card you can view any unlocked FMVs from either game. Cool little bonus.

Play As Tiger
Fun one here to play as Tiger, highlight Eddy at the character select screen and press Triangle and the name will change to Tiger. Then press X to choose him. When you finish the game beat the roster you will unlock his  FMV which is a classic 70’s video of Tiger dancing at a disco.

Tekken 3 PSX Game Bugs & Glitches

We love our bugs and glitches for all retro games and Tekken 3 is no different. We’ve seen the game breaking and annoying glitches on PSX games like Motor Toon Grand Prix 2. But Tekken is a little different there are some glitches and bugs that quite annoying for people your playing against. Especially the Law bug which we listed below the infinite kick bug is great LMAO.

Each of the following bugs can be replicated across Arcade and Practice mode so try them out and see what you think!

Jin Kazama’s “Jump Bug”: In certain situations, Jin’s jump animation can become glitched and make him invulnerable to attacks.

King’s “Chain Throw Bug”: King’s chain throws can sometimes fail to execute properly, leaving him open to attack.

Law’s “Infinite Kicks Bug”: Law’s 3+4,3+4,3+4 kick combo can be exploited to deliver an infinite amount of kicks.

Yoshimitsu’s “Teleport Bug”: Yoshimitsu’s teleport move can sometimes cause him to become stuck in the environment.

Nina’s “Infinite Hit Bug”: Nina’s d+1+4 move can be used to deliver an infinite amount of hits.

Ogre’s “Transform Bug”: In rare cases, Ogre can become stuck in his transformed state, rendering him unable to use his regular moves.

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