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Theme Park for the Snes was one of the first real simulation games that console ever saw, second only to Sim City. Now being the gamer that I am and an (Aussie) I had previllege of having this on DOS originally and loved it. The thought of playing with a controller made things even more inticing. First dropping 1994  Theme Park was a much needed sim for the SNES. Developed by Bullfrog Productions, the game introduced players to the intricacies of running their own theme park, offering a blend of business strategy and creative flair. With its charming graphics and engaging gameplay, Theme Park quickly captured the hearts of players, carving a place for itself in the pantheon of classic simulation games.

A word of warning. If carnival music annoys you. Steer clear its on repeat and it get really repeatitive.

Theme Park Levels

There are no real levels to this sim other than three stages, guiding players through the evolution of restrictions. Sandbox being the first you get all the fun design and without any issues  from the Bank Requester screen. No real challenges in this mode so its a great entry level to the game.

Sim level is as you would imagine the next step up. You are forced to undergo research to develop new park facilities. Its not difficult at all you may realize its a slower process in grinding out the research and rides. Watch your spending and you wont have any issues.

Full which is the highest of challenges means you will be buying and selling shares on the stock market, as well as choosing where your money goes for research. This is the same as Sim level in some respects but even slower and more mind numbing at times. My choice would be simple stick to Sim Level.

Theme Park Cheats SNES

Cash King &  Max Research 
When you first start the game you are asked to enter a nickname. You can enter any nickname, and enter the password TH.L.RCH…..

You are required to enter all the full stops. You have to wait a full calendar month then boom, you are ready to roll.

Start With $8,000,000 in funds
Same process as above except this time you are required to enter a nickname: WONDERLAND, Password: BBSDRGWP719BB or BBSFRGWPMWBCB

Start With $58,000,000 in funds
Nickname: BA with the Password: BBDBBBZT5K9JB

theme park gameplay burger shop
theme park box

Theme Park Glitches & Bugs

Interesingly there are some glitches that happen on both the DOS version and SNES, One such glitch, known as the “Free Workers AMI,” is fun to see and works in your favour.

Free Workers AMI: When the workers in your park decide to embark on a strike, a peculiar scenario unfolds. Instead of vanishing from the premises, they make their way to the park entrance in a determined procession. However, here’s where the magic happens. With a quick hand and a hint of strategic finesse, you can seize these striking workers before they reach the gate. Swift action allows you to whisk them away from their protest march and put them back to work without having to offer a wage. It’s a momentary loophole in the economic fabric of the game, granting you the ability to mitigate the effects of strikes on your park’s finances, at least until the next inevitable strike rolls around.

Of course this only matters if you dont have a boat load of cash from using the cheats above.

There are loads of  bugs in landscape when trying to place your amusement only to find for some reason it wont place, those pesky anomalies that result from the intricacies of coding, can introduce unforeseen hiccups into your park management endeavors.

It can spawn graphical glitches that momentarily distort the visual harmony of the park to instances where visitors disappear or glitch across the park. Fun to see every now and again but overall not worth seeing every time you place a ghost ride.



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