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What can we say.. ToeJam & Earl 2: Panic in Funkotron for Sega Genesis is the electrifying (no pun intended) sequel to the original funk-fueled adventure. Launched in 1993, this game retains the zany spirit and offbeat slap bass we love with added humor that fans loved while introducing new twists and challenges to the funky duo’s escapades.

Continuing the story on their home planet, Funkotron, ToeJam and Earl find themselves facing yet another cosmic conundrum. The planet is overrun by mischievous Earthlings, and our funky heroes must once again navigate through whimsical landscapes, this time using their unique abilities to capture the invaders and restore Funkotron’s peace. With its vibrant visuals, addictive gameplay, and cooperative mode, ToeJam & Earl 2 delivers a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that’s both nostalgic and fresh.

How Many Levels are There in ToeJam & Earl 2?

ToeJam & Earl 2: Panic in Funkotron on Sega Genesis features a total of seventeen levels for players to explore. From a Funky Forest to Home Stretch Meadow, each level boasts a distinct theme and challenges, presenting our funkadelic duo with quirky enemies, imaginative landscapes, and a whole lot of fun. It can be if I’m honest a little repeditive at times which is the games main weakness.

ToeJam and Earl 2 Cheats

So you may not need cheats in ToeJam & Earl 2 as lets be honest its not the toughest of games but these may make things alittle more enjoyable.

Present Shuffle: To activate the Present Shuffle cheat, enter the code B, A, A, B, B during gameplay. This cheat reshuffles the effects of presents, adding an unpredictable twist to the game’s mechanics.

Passwords for All Levels: At the password screen, enter the code GDMQ1QGB to unlock access to all levels. This cheat allows you to explore any level you desire without following the sequential order.

How Do You Get Extra Lives in ToeJam and Earl 2?

Well we gave you the all levels as well as the present shuffle so you may as well know how to earn extra lives. Collect a 100 presents  you’ll earn an additional life. Very similar to a lot of platform games from the 90s collect and you will be rewarded.

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Game Bugs & Glitches

While our dynamic duo jammed their way through Funkotron, I’m sure you are like me you stumbled upon a few glitches and bugs that added an unexpected twist to their cosmic escapade. It wasnt a retro video game without its bugs. I believe there was a revision of Panic On Funkotron a second relese that did see some changes. Those “levitating” Earthlings who took bouncing to a whole new level – literally!

Ket’s start with the “gravity-defying” moments and surprise teleportations only added to the game’s endearing charm, creating unforgettable memories that still make us chuckle today. I’ve found the more I revist the game the more I would get the characters stuck in some amusing positions or witnessing a rogue Earthling do a wild disco move across the screen which as you can imagine give you a laugh.

No real game breaking glitches. Other than those damn moles. If you see a mole on the doorway it can cause a real seizure where you become unplayable shaking. Theres no way out of it either just reset and start over.

So yeah maybe one game breaker lol.

Overall great game with more than just a funky title. This one has a bit of a cult following as well. Being brought back to life multiple times on multiple platforms which is always great to see.



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