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Final Fantasy VII is one of my favourite RPG’s not just on the Sony Playstation but on any console and good reason. But one thing that always made things annoying for me was the length of the game. Maybe you visited our FVII Cheat & Walkthrough where I literally almost give up breaking this game down.

At three discs long I’m pretty sure my best run through was 52 hours which may not seem like much by todays standards. But man, it sure felt like a marathon. Enter my good friend the Gameshark, which if you didnt know is a popular cheat device that allows players to modify various aspects of their gaming experience. If you’re like me and want to revisit with those Final Fantasy VII gameshark codes dont worry we have you covered.

Are There Cheat Codes for FFVII?

Oh Yes! Thank god there are cheat codes for Final Fantasy VII on PSX through the use of Gameshark for all characters as well full list below! Cloud obviously has the most because he was the main character of the series but all the characters have Gameshark Codes which can make their journey a little easier. You can enable All limit attacks, Enable All Limits, Level 99, Max HP, Infinite HP. You can see why these codes reduce the playtime and make for a great speed run if you want.

How To Use Gameshark Codes On Duckstation

Emulation seems to be where a lot of folks we talk to are playing the older copies of their Sony Playstation games. Unfortunately I’m still a physical media guy and love collecting all my childhood games. But Duckstation brings life to those who just want to game on their couch or PC with little to no investment. So if you are diving back into Final Fantasy VII and want to add some gameshark codes, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps.

#1. Ensure you have the latest version of DuckStation installed on your device.
#2. Next, locate the GameShark code for any of the characters from below.
#3. Open DuckStation and load the game you wish to play. In the emulator’s settings, look for the option to enter cheat codes or GameShark codes.

#4. Enter the codes accurately, ensuring they are in the correct format.
#5.Finally, start the game, and the cheats should take effect. Keep in mind that not all codes may work as expected, and compatibility may vary between games and different versions of DuckStation. It’s always a good idea to check the compatibility of the codes with your specific game and emulator version to ensure a smooth experience. Then its time to get after Sephiroth.

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FFVII Gameshark Code List 

This list is massive and we’re always adding any new codes we find or hear about. 
Now, to enable the codes you have to enter the master code 80000000-0000 which enables all FF7 codes. Without this code entered first, nothing will work.

Cloud’s Mains

Result Code
All Limit Attacks 8009C75A 0FFF
Level Modifier 3009C739 00??
Max Strength 3009C73A 00FF
Max Vitality 3009C73B 00FF
Max Magic 3009C73C 00FF
Max Spirit 3009C73D 00FF
Max Dexterity 3009C73E 00FF
Max Luck 3009C73F 00FF
Infinite HP 8009C764 270F
Max HP 8009C766 270F
Infinite MP 8009C768 03E7
Max MP 8009C76A 03E7
Limit Bar Full 8009AEDE FF01
Enable All Limits 8009AEF2 02DB
9999 HP 8009C764 270F
9999 Max HP 8009C766 270F
999 MP 8009C768 03E7
999 Max MP 8009C76A 03E7
Level 99 3009C739 0063
255 Strength 3009C73A 00FF
255 Vitality 3009C73B 00FF
255 Magic 3009C73C 00FF
255 Spirit 3009C73D 00FF
255 Dexterity 3009C73E 00FF
255 Luck 3009C73F 00FF
cloud ffvii

Cloud Weapons

Result Code
Buster Sword 8009B478 C680
Misery Saber 8009B47A C681
Hard Breaker 8009B47C C682
Butterfly Edge 8009B47E C683
Enhance Sword 8009B480 C684
Ogre-Nix 8009B482 C685
Crystal Sword 8009B484 C686
Force Eater 8009B486 C687
Ruin Blade 8009B488 C688
Ding Bat 8009B48C C68A
Apocalypse 8009B490 C68C
Ragnarok 8009B494 C68E
Ultima Weapon 8009B496 C68F

Tifa’s Mains

Result Code
All Limit Attacks 8009C862 0FFF
Limit Bar is Full 8009AFE6 FF01
Enable All Limits 8009AFFA 02DB
Level 99 3009C841 0063
255 Strength 3009C842 00FF
255 Vitality 3009C843 00FF
255 Magic 3009C844 00FF
255 Spirit 3009C845 00FF
255 Dexterity 3009C846 00FF
255 Luck 3009C847 00FF

Tifa’s Weapon

Result Code
Lazer Glove 8009B498 C690
Metal Knuckle 8009B49A C691
Misery Claw 8009B49C C692
Grand Glove 8009B49E C693
Tiger’s Fang 8009B4A0 C694
Diamond Knuckle 8009B4A2 C695
Dragon’s Claw 8009B4A4 C696
Crystal Glove 8009B4A6 C697
Motor Drive 8009B4A8 C698
Platinum Fist 8009B4AA C699
Kaizer Knuckle 8009B4AC C69A
Glove 8009B4AE C69B
Over Soul 8009B4B0 C69C
Master Fist 8009B4B2 C69D
God’s Hand 8009B4B4 C69E
Premium Heart 8009B4B6 C69F

Barret’s Mains

Result Code
All Limit Attacks 8009C7DE 0FFF
Limit Bar is Full 8009AF62 FF01
Enable All Limits 8009AF76 02DB
Level 99 3009C7C3 0063
255 Strength 3009C7C4 00FF
255 Vitality 3009C7C5 00FF
255 Magic 3009C7C0 00FF
255 Spirit 3009C7C1 00FF
255 Dexterity 3009C7C8 00FF
255 Luck 3009C7C9 00FF

Barret’s Weapons

Barret’s Weapon GameShark Code
Gathering Gun 8009B4B8 C6A0
Assault Gun 8009B4BA C6A1
Cannon Ball 8009B4BC C6A2
Atomic Scissor 8009B4BE C6A3
Hard Vulcan 8009B4C0 C6A4
Chain Saw 8009B4C2 C6A5
Micro Lazer 8009B4C4 C6A6
A.M Cannon 8009B4C6 C6A7
W. Machine Gun 8009B4C8 C6A8
Drill Arm 8009B4CA C6A9
Solid Bazooka 8009B4CC C6AA
Rocket Punch 8009B4CE C6AB
Enemy Launcher 8009B4D0 C6AC
Pile Bunker 8009B4D2 C6AD
Maximum Ray 8009B4D4 C6AE
Missing Score 8009B4D6 C6AF

Yuffies Mains

Result Code
All Limit Attacks 8009C9EE 0FFF
Limit Bar is Full 8009B172 FF01
Enable All Limits 8009B186 02DB
Level 99 3009C9CD 0063
255 Strength 3009C9CE 00FF
255 Vitality 3009C9CF 00FF
255 Magic 3009C9D0 00FF
255 Spirit 3009C9D1 00FF
255 Dexterity 3009C9D2 00FF
255 Luck 3009C9D3 00FF

Yuffies Weapons

Result Code
Cross-Shape Hand Spear 8009B526 C6D7
Boomerang 8009B528 C6D8
Round Crescent 8009B52C C6DA
Hawk’s Eye 8009B52E C6DB
Crystal Cross 8009B530 C6DC
Wind Slash 8009B532 C6DD
Twin Viper 8009B534 C6DE
Hand Spear 8009B536 C6DF
Super Ball 8009B538 C6E0
Unknown Hand Spear 8009B53A C6E1
Rising Sun 8009B53C C6E2

Red XIII Mains

Result Code
All Limit Attacks 8009C96A 0FFF
Limit Bar is Full 8009B0EE FF01
Enable All Limits 8009B102 02DB
Level 99 3009C949 0063
255 Strength 3009C94A 00FF
255 Vitality 3009C94B 00FF
255 Magic 3009C94C 00FF
255 Spirit 3009C94D 00FF
255 Dexterity 3009C94E 00FF
255 Luck 3009C94F 00FF

Red XIII Weapons

Weapon Name Code
Misery Clip 8009B4D8 C6B0
Gammon Hairpin 8009B4DA C6B1
Silver Barretter 8009B4DC C6B2
Gold Barretter 8009B4DE C6B3
Adamant Clip 8009B4E0 C6B4
Crystal Comb 8009B4E2 C6B5
Magic Comb 8009B4E4 C6B6
Platina Barretter 8009B4E6 C6B7
Saint Clip 8009B4E8 C6B8
??? (Unknown) 8009B4EA C6B9
Seraph Comb 8009B4EC C6BA
Behemoth Horn 8009B4EE C6BB
Superior Clip 8009B4F0 C6BC
Limited Moon 8009B4F2 C6BD

Aeris Mains

Result Code
All Limit Attacks 8009C96A 0FFF
Limit Bar is Full 8009B0EE FF01
Enable All Limits 8009B102 02DB
Level 99 3009C949 0063
255 Strength 3009C94A 00FF
255 Vitality 3009C94B 00FF
255 Magic 3009C94C 00FF
255 Spirit 3009C94D 00FF
255 Dexterity 3009C94E 00FF
255 Luck 3009C94F 00FF

Aeris Weapons

Weapon Code
Guard Rod 8009B4F4 C6BE
Misery Rod 8009B4F6 C6BF
Full Metal Rod 8009B4F8 C6C0
Strike Rod 8009B4FA C6C1
Prism Rod 8009B4FC C6C2
Aura Road 8009B4FE C6C3
Wizard Rod 8009B400 C6C4
Wiser Rod 8009B402 C6C5
Fairy Tale 8009B404 C6C6
Umbrella 8009B406 C6C7
Princess Guard 8009B408 C6C8

Cid Mains

Result Code
All Limit Attacks 8009CB7A 0FFF
Limit Bar is Full 8009B2FE FF01
Enable All Limits 8009B312 02DB
Level 99 3009CB59 0063
255 Strength 3009CB5A 00FF
255 Vitality 3009CB5B 00FF
255 Magic 3009CB5C 00FF
255 Spirit 3009CB5D 00FF
255 Dexterity 3009CB5E 00FF
255 Luck 3009CB5F 00FF

Cid Weapons

Weapon Name Code
Spear 8009B50A C6C9
Slash Spike 8009B50C C6CA
Trident 8009B50E C6CB
Pole Arc 8009B510 C6CC
Peartisan 8009B512 C6CD
Javelin 8009B516 C6CF
Claw Lance 8009B518 C6D0
Mop 8009B51A C6D1
Dragoon Lance 8009B51C C6D2
Dragon Crescent Blade 8009B51E C6D3
Longiness 8009B522 C6D5
Venus Gospel 8009B524 C6D6

Vincent Mains

Result Code
All Limit Attacks 8009CAF6 0FFF
Limit Bar is Full 8009B27A FF01
Level 99 3009CAD5 0063
255 Strength 3009CAD6 00FF
255 Vitality 3009CAD7 00FF
255 Magic 3009CAD8 00FF
255 Spirit 3009CAD9 00FF
255 Dexterity 3009CADA 00FF
255 Luck 3009CADB 00FF

Vincent Weapons

Weapon Code
Quick Silver 8009B55C C6F2
Spas 8009B55E C6F3
Randoll Riot 8009B560 C6F4
Special Machine Gun 8009B562 C6F5
Winchester 8009B564 C6F6
Peace Maker 8009B566 C6F7
Bantering 8009B568 C6F8
Long Barrel R 8009B56A C6F9
Silver Jade Cannon 8009B56C C6FA
Sniper CR 8009B56E C6FB
High Brow ST 8009B570 C6FC
Outsider 8009B572 C6FD
Death Penalty 8009B574 C6FE

Cait Mains

Effect Code
All Limit Attacks 8009CA72 0FFF
Limit Bar is Full 8009B1F6 FF01
Enable All Limits 8009B20A 02DB
Level 99 3009CA51 0063
255 Strength 3009CA52 00FF
255 Vitality 3009CA53 00FF
255 Magic 3009CA54 00FF
255 Spirit 3009CA55 00FF
255 Dexterity 3009CA56 00FF
255 Luck 3009CA57 00FF

Cait Weapons

Cait Sith’s Weapons Code
Green Mega Phone 8009B542 C6E5
Blue Mega Phone 8009B544 C6E6
Red Mega Phone 8009B546 C6E7
Crystal Mega Phone 8009B548 C6E8
White Mega Phone 8009B54A C6E9
Black Mega Phone 8009B54C C6EA
Silver Mega Phone 8009B54E C6EB
Gold Mega Phone 8009B550 C6EC
Starlight Phone 8009B554 C6EE
Marvelous Cheer 8009B558 C6F0

Summoning Materia Codes

Summon Materia Code
Chocobo & Moogle 8009B70C FF4A
Shiva 8009B710 FF4B
Ifrit 8009B714 FF4C
Ramuh 8009B718 FF4D
Titan 8009B71C FF4E
Leviathan 8009B724 FF50
Odin 8009B720 FF4F
Bahamut 8009B728 FF51
Kjata/Cujyat 8009B72C FF52
Alexander 8009B730 FF53
Neo Bahamut 8009B738 FF55
Hades 8009B73C FF56
Typoon/Chupon 8009B740 FF57
Phoenix 8009B734 FF54
Bahamut ZERO 8009B744 FF58
Knights of the Round 8009B748 FF59

Defense Weapon Codes

Armor Item Code
Bronze Bangle 8009B578 C700
Iron Bangle 8009B57A C701
Titan Bangle 8009B57C C702
Mistery Bracelet 8009B57E C703
Carbon Bangle 8009B580 C704
Silver Bracelet 8009B582 C705
Gold Bracelet 8009B584 C706
Diamond Bangle 8009B586 C707
Crystal Bangle 8009B588 C708
Platinum Bangle 8009B58A C709
Rune Bracelet 8009B58C C70A
Edging Coat 8009B58E C70B
Wizard Breast 8009B590 C70C
Adamant Bangle 8009B592 C70D
Gigas Bracelet 8009B594 C70E
Imperial Guard 8009B596 C70F
Aegis Bracelet 8009B598 C710
Force Breast 8009B59A C711
Warriors Bangle 8009B59C C712
Shin-Ra Defense Item 8009B59E C713
Shin-Ra Defense Item-2 8009B5A0 C714
Four Slot 8009B5A2 C715
Fire Bracelet 8009B5A4 C716
Holy Bracelet 8009B5A6 C717
Thunder Bracelet 8009B5A8 C718
Dragon’s Bracelet 8009B5AA C719
Minerva Breast 8009B5AC C71A
Escort Guard 8009B5AE C71B
Misteel 8009B5B0 C71C
Advanced Bangle 8009B5B4 C71E
Chocobo’s Bracelet 8009B5B6 C71F

Extra Armor Weapon Codes

Extra Armor Weapon Code
Power Wrist 8009B5B8 C720
Bulletproof Vest 8009B5BA C721
Earrings 8009B5BC C722
Talisman 8009B5BE C723
Chocobo Feather 8009B5C0 C724
Lucky Charm 8009B5C2 C725
Champion’s Belt 8009B5C4 C726
Poison Ring 8009B5C6 C727
Toughness Ring 8009B5C8 C728
Saglet 8009B5CA C729
Star’s Pendant 8009B5CC C72A
Eye Glasses 8009B5CE C72B
Handkerchief 8009B5D0 C72C
Fairy Ring 8009B5D2 C72D
Jewel Ring 8009B5D4 C72E
White Cape 8009B5D6 C72F
Element Shoe 8009B5D8 C730
Organics Bracelet 8009B5DA C731
Ribbon 8009B5DC C732
Fire Bracelet 8009B5DE C733
Ice Bracelet 8009B5E0 C734
Thunder Bracelet 8009B5E2 C735
Tetra Elemental 8009B5E4 C736
Safety Bit 8009B5E6 C737
Unknown Bracelet 8009B5E8 C738
Curse Ring 8009B5EA C739
Defense Bracelet 8009B5EC C73A
Bells 8009B5EE C73B
Reflect Ring 8009B5F0 C73C
Water Bracelet 8009B5F2 C73D
Steal Bracelet 8009B5F4 C73E
Unknown Crown 8009B5F6 C73F

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