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Legend Of Legaia one of the best RPG’s ever made with one of the most unique combat systems even to this day. Now as far as role playing games go the original Sony Playstation is still my favourite and for good reason. We’ve already covered five other amazing titles and Legend of Legaia is no different.

If you guys have watched any of our YouTube videos you will know that time is not always on my side. Which is why I rarely get enough time to play them without cheats! 

Are There Cheat Codes for Legend Of Legaia?

Yes, yes there is. Now like a lot of the other RPG’s these have there limitations as far as compatability goes. I’ve noticed some of the codes listed below can cause graphical issues when stacked. They all work fine individually and I’ve had the best luck just running the main cheats without reall a need to stack them.

There are some to watch the infinite coins / 100% casting power caused a weird issue. So just use with care. It might be the version I have, either way worth the warning.

How To Use Gameshark Codes On Duckstation

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that emulation is retro consoles saving grace. It seems like a lot of collectors and gamers will showcase their physical copies while emulating. Another bonus is of course having Gameshark built in. Here are the steps to use our codes on Duckstation.

#1. As always keep Duckstation up to date. Install the latest version.
#2. Then choose your cheat from the list below.
#3. Open DuckStation and load Legend Of Legaia. In the emulator’s settings, look for the option to enter cheat codes or GameShark codes.

#4. Make sure all the hex data is correct.
#5. Then start the your journey! Remember stacking codes can cause issues.

Don’t forget you can check out our latest map section of Legend Of Legaia.

lol poster
Description Code
Joker Command D007B7C0 ????
No Random Battles 8007B5FC 0377
Game Time 0:00:00 80084570 0000
Infinite Items All Slots 8004309E 2400
Infinite Use of Items In Battle 800423CE 2400
Character Activator 80084594 0003
Noa Activator 30084599 0001
Gala Activator 3008459A 0002
65535 Fishing Points 8008444C FFFF
Enable Access to The Punch Mode on The Wild Card Slot Machine 801D3CAC 0001
Infinite Chances Bonus Game 801D3CB0 0003
Slow Motion 8007A894 68FB
View Credits 80084540 030C
Max Dance Points (Dancing Mini Game) 801D53CC FFFF
Infinite Life (Baka Fighter Mini Game) 801DBFC4 0C80
Computer Has No Life (Baka Fighter Mini Game) 801DC06C 0000
100% Casting Power (Fishing Mini Game) 801D9274 100F
No Tension (Fishing Mini Game) 801D9168 0000
No Life (Fishing Mini Game) 801D9298 0000
Remove Vahn’s Chest 8004390E 2400
Infinite Gold 8008459C E0FF<br>8008459E 05F5
Save Anywhere (Press Select+X) D007B7C0 0140<br>8007B6A8 0001
Infinite Coins 800845A4 E0FF<br>800845A6 05F5
Access All Towns When You Use Door of Wind 8008575C F77F<br>8008575E F8FF
Walk Thru Walls Codes provided in multiple lines for activation
Press Select+R1+R2+L1+L2 For Debug Menu D007B7C0 010F<br>E007B83C 0003<br>3007B83C 0000
Status Modifier Menu (Push Select To Enter Menu, L2 To Exit Menu) D007B7C0 0100<br>8007B450 0001<br>D007B7C0 0001<br>8007B450 0000
Control camera (L2-up/R2-down/L2+R2-zoom) Codes provided in multiple lines for activation
Press R2 For Debug Menu D007B7C0 0002<br>D007B83C 0003<br>8007B83C 0000

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