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Those who know me know I’m not a die hard Pokemon fan. I watched the first few seasons before school but at that time I was already in grade 11 and 12. But while I wasnt a huge Pokemon fan I was a huge Nintendo kid. The Gameboy coming almost everywhere with me.

Enter Pokemon Yellow my first real taste of Pokemon gaming and on family trips that I really didnt want to be on, this got a work out. Whether it’s getting unlimited rare candies, encountering any Pokémon, or having infinite money, I loved to spice things up a little with some pokemon yellow gameshark codes!

Are There Cheat Codes for Pokemon Yellow?

For those who embarked on their  journey with the special Pikachu edition, “Pokemon Yellow,” there’s a little secret: cheats can unlock a world of possibilities in this beloved game.

Whether it’s getting unlimited rare candies, encountering any Pokémon, or having infinite money, cheat codes are like finding a hidden stash of Poké Balls you never knew existed. For the trainers who spent hours in the tall grass, these codes are a nostalgic nod to the simpler times of gaming, where a few codes could open up a whole new world of adventure. Gotta catch them all!

How To Use Gameshark Codes On RetroArch

Using GameShark codes on the original Game Boy console requires the GameShark cartridge. Just insert the Pokémon Yellow cartridge into the GameShark, enter your desired codes, and then boot up the game. For those who prefer playing on modern systems, RetroArch, a popular emulator, offers a seamless way to use these cheats. Simply load the Pokémon Yellow ROM, access the ‘Cheats’ section in the RetroArch menu, input your codes, and activate them. It’s a straightforward process that keeps the magic of Pokémon Yellow alive on contemporary platforms.


#1. Ensure you have the latest version of RetroArch installed on your device.
#2. Test codes for compatability.
#3. Enjoy the game in a new light!

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Game Cheats

Cheat Gameshark Code
Unlimited Money 019946D3
Level Modifier Level 5: 010526d1
Level 10: 010a26d1
Level 15: 010f26d1
Level 20: 011426D1
Level 25: 011926D1
Level 30: 011E26D1
Level 35: 012326D1
Level 40: 012826D1
Level 45: 012D26D1
Level 50: 013226D1
Level 75: 014B26D1
Level 100: 016426D1
Level 150: 019626D1
Level 190: 01BE26D1
Unlimited Master Balls 01017CCF
Walk Through Walls 010138CD
Infinite PP 1st Position: 01282CD0
2nd Position: 01282DD0
3rd Position: 01282ED0
All Gym Badges 01FF55D3
Stop Random Battles 01033BD1
Unlimited Rare Candy Master code: 01281DD3
Rare Candies: 01281ED3
Wild Pokemon Modifier BULBASAUR: 0199D7CF           IVYSAUR: 0109D7CF
SQUIRTLE: 01B1D7CF               WARTORTLE: 01B3D7CF
BLASTOISE: 011CD7CF             CATERPIE: 017BD7CF
METAPOD: 017CD7CF               GYARADOS: 0116D7CF
LAPRAS: 0113D7CF                     DITTO: 014CD7CF
EEVEE: 0166D7CF                      VAPOREON: 0169D7CF
JOLTEON: 0168D7CF                FLAREON: 0167D7CF
PORYGON: 01AAD7CF              OMANYTLE: 0162D7CF
OMANYTE: 0162D7CF               OMASTAR: 0163D7CF
MAJIKARP: 0185D7CF              KABUTO: 015AD7CF
SNORLAX: 0184D7CF                HITMONLEE: 012BD7CF
LICKITUNG: 010BD7CF            KOFFING: 0137D7CF
WEEZING: 018FD7CF               RHYHORN: 0112D7CF
RHYDON: 0101D7CF                 CHANSEY: 0128D7CF
TANGELA: 011ED7CF               KANGASKHAN: 0102D7CF
HORSEA: 015CD7CF                 SEADRA: 015DD7CF
GOLDEEN: 019DD7CF             SEAKING: 019ED7CF
STARU: 011BD7CF                     STARMIE: 0198D7CF
MR. MIME: 012AD7CF              SCYTHER: 011AD7CF
JYNX: 0148D7CF                        ELECTABUZZ: 0135D7CF
MAGMAR: 0133D7CF                PINSIR: 011DD7CF
TAUROS: 013CD7CF                  SEEL: 013AD7CF
DROWZEE: 0130D7CF              DEWGONG: 0178D7CF
GRIMER: 010DD7CF                 MUK: 0188D7CF
SHELLDER: 0117D7CF             CLOYSTER: 018BD7CF
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