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Nintendo Power, a cherished publication in the realm of video game enthusiasts, has played a significant role in shaping the gaming industry and fostering a deep sense of community among Nintendo fans. As we embark on a nostalgic journey through the annals of gaming history, let us unravel the secrets of the best Nintendo Power issues ever released. From its inaugural year to its final moments, this article will highlight the remarkable impact of this beloved magazine. If you’ve never owned a Nintendo Power magazine or any Retro Magazine for that matter this articles for you too! We will cover everything.

What Year Did Nintendo Power First Release Its First Issue?

In the realm of gaming history, July of 1988 stands as a milestone for Nintendo Power enthusiasts. A new way to connect and market to videgame players Nintendo Power was born.

I remember it like it was yesterday. Now I didnt get my hand one issue #1 until only a few years ago. But I remember a friends Dad buying a copy of issue #6 TMNT which has a massive feature on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I also remember the Top 30 featuring Zelda II – The Adventure of Link as #1 which I had just gotten as a birthday present and was stoked beyond words.

Back to 1988.

Issue #1 Super Mario 2

It was during this monumental year that Nintendo Power released its first issue, introducing a wave of excitement and anticipation within the gaming community. As Nintendo’s official magazine, it provided a platform for fans to delve deeper into their favorite games, unravel tips and tricks, and receive exclusive sneak peeks into upcoming releases. As well as a huge push for Powerline to the Pros! Which of course was Nintendos hotline for people stuck on any game. Call 206-885-7529 and they stung you a pretty penny for it too.

Issue #1 is obviously a feature for our best editions it changed the landscape of video games and made it an additional marketing push for gaming companies and developers alike. It showed off some crazy artwork for Super Mario Bros 2 Sports Festival which was of course a walkthrough for Super Mario 2 on NES. As well as a dive into Zelda II with some map locations and secrets to help you out.

It covered games like Double Dragon, Contra and Gauntlet. But one section that stood out was of course the NES Achievers. A complete section dedicated to the hottest Nintendo game scores around, remember this is before the internet. We all thought we were good until we saw these high scores. Giving you a want to crush Duck Hunt or ExciteBike before your fingers got blisters.

Issue #13 Super Mario 3 Guide

You’ll probably start to see a trend here as these issues start to appear in order. Super Mario 3 was of course one of if not the greatest Super Mario game ever made. At the time there was no way to find secret levels or warp whistles. I remember hearing a rumour at school that a kid had three warp whistles and I flat out refused to believe it. Until July edition of Nintendo power that is.

Now while this wasn’t a normal Nintendo Power magazine and a complete guide we still had to add it to the list just because of its impact to players. This was the first complete walkthrough Nintendo had published and it was amazing. You still had to pass the levels yourself but understand each and every Koopa location gave birth to the idea of speed running. Being able to visualize entire screens of the game was never seen before.

Okay so its cheeky to put in the list but hey. Its our list.

nintendo power issue 13
nintendo power issue 66

Issue #66 Donkey Kong Country

July 1994 rolls around and Nintendo Power Issue 66 is released. This particular edition captured the essence of the mid-90s gaming era, showcasing a lineup of exciting games, exclusive features, and of course invaluable tips and tricks.

One of the highlights was of course the feature on the highly anticipated game “Donkey Kong Country.” With its revolutionary pre-rendered graphics and immersive gameplay, “Donkey Kong Country” took the gaming world by storm. Nintendo Power explained things like the development process and planning, providing readers with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Rare’s innovative approach to game design.

The issue also offered comprehensive coverage of other notable titles, including “Super Metroid,” “Mega Man X,” and “Kirby’s Dream Course.” Readers were treated to in-depth game reviews, detailed maps, and expert strategies to help them navigate through challenging levels and uncover hidden secrets.

It was around this time that a new special section dedicated to the emerging phenomenon of competitive gaming. With coverage of the Nintendo World Championships II, readers could witness the intense battles and impressive skills of top players in various Nintendo games, fueling their own competitive spirits. Another great marketing ploy!

This was the first time a cover and complete magazine grabbed my attention for multiple reads. It was vibrant and engaging, with artwork and colorful layouts that enhanced the reading experience. Any gamer like myself was hooked.

Issue #100 – Milestone

Nintendo Power Issue 100 holds a special significance in the history of the magazine and the hearts of Nintendo fans. Released in September 1997, this landmark edition celebrated a major milestone for Nintendo Power with a grand display of exclusive content, memorable features, and a sense of nostalgia that resonated with readers.

One of the standout features of Issue 100 was the extensive coverage of the highly anticipated game “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.” Yes thats right Nintendo 64 but at the time it was called Zelda 64 as the title had yet to be confirmed. As one of the most iconic and beloved titles in gaming history, Nintendo Power dedicated several pages to exploring the game’s world, characters, and innovative gameplay mechanics. From detailed maps to insightful interviews with the developers, fans were treated to an in-depth look at the epic journey that awaited them.

Additionally, Issue 100 of Nintendo Power paid homage to the magazine’s rich history. It included retrospectives on past issues, highlighting memorable articles, cover art, and iconic moments that defined the publication. This trip down memory lane allowed readers to reminisce about their favorite Nintendo Power experiences and reflected the magazine’s enduring impact on the gaming community.

Previews of “Star Fox 64” to “Super Mario 64,” players were frothing over this issue with the promise of exciting new adventures and groundbreaking gameplay.

Nintendo Power Issue 100 served as a testament to the magazine’s lasting legacy and its commitment to providing Nintendo fans with unparalleled content and community. It celebrated the past, present, and future of Nintendo gaming, leaving a lasting impression on readers and solidifying its place as an iconic publication in the world of video games.

nintendo power issue 100

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