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Unless you have been living under a rock you know we have a detailed article on Super Mario World levels, walkthrough, glitches and secrets. As well as a long list of Action Replay codes but do you remember Game Genie? Moment of truth, I had both. Which at the time was probably a waste of money as they essentially did the same thing. But I’m glad I do today. 

Now all the codes we have listed are from the 16 Bit Coding Manual which I am sure you can still find today on Ebay. We cover how you can use the Game Genie on either your console or Snes9X right here in the Graveyard.

Is There Game Genie Codes for Super Mario World SNES?

The Codes

Cheat Code Description Game Genie Code
Start With 1 Life DDB4-6F07
Start With 9 Lives D6B4-6F07
Start With 15 Lives D3B4-6F07
Start With 25 Lives F6B4-6F07
Start With 50 Lives 7FB4-6F07
Start With 99 Lives 14B4-6F07
Infinite Lives C222-D4DD
Extra Life At 5 Coins Instead Of 100 D964-A7D7
Extra Life At 10 Coins DC64-A7D7
Extra Life At 20 Coins F064-A7D7
Extra Life At 50 Coins 7464-A7D7
Start And Stay Invincible Most Of The Time DD32-6DAD
Stay As Super Mario, Fire Mario, Or Cape Mario When You Get Hit CBED-6DDF
Stay As Super Mario, Fire Mario Or Cape Mario When You Fall And Die CB28-DF6D
Low Jump D02C-AF6F
Super Jump D42C-AF6F
Mega-Jump DF2C-AF6F
Infinite Time (Some Puzzles Use The Timer) C264-64D7
Extra Life With Every Dragon Coin Instead Of 5 D2E5-A7AD
Start As Super Mario 31B7-6F07
Start As Cape Mario CBB7-6D67
Start As Fire Mario CBB7-6D67
Little Yoshi Grows Into Big Yoshi After Eating Just 1 Enemy DFCE-64A0
Little Yoshi Grows Into Big Yoshi After Eating Just 2 Enemies D4CE-64A0
Little Yoshi Grows Into Big Yoshi After Eating Just 3 Enemies D7CE-64A0
Causes Mario To Jump And Float Until You Let Go Of Jump DD2C-AF6F
Funky Mario CBB7-6D67
Swim In Every Level! CBEA-6DAD
Fake Fire Mario 7732-6DAD
Nighttime! 0DED-AFDF
Fake Invincibility D032-6DAD
Jackhammer Jump 232C-AF6F
Spontaneously Change From Mario To Luigi FD32-6DAD
If You Hold Down The B Button, You Float Around! EE2C-AF6F
Extra Life After Each Coin, Even Yoshi Coins DD64-A7D7
Invincible DD32-6DAD
If You Die, Restart At The Halfway Point 6267-AF97
As Soon As You Start A Level, You’ll Automatically Exit Thru The 2nd Exit 62C3-64DF
Enable Item Window’s “Goal Point” (Quit) 7E0D-C2D7
Skip Worlds EECD-AF6F
Black Mario 9E32-6DAD
No Enemies 3E32-6DAD
Yoshi Is Invincible 89E4-AFD9
Infinite Items Yoshi Picks Up 82E9-64A0
Infinite Flying Time For Yoshi C2EC-0700
Collecting a Yoshi Coin Gives You Yoshi’s Wings B9E5-A4AD
Multi-Jump And Low Gravity 336B-D4D0
Shoot Fireballs Straight DDEA-6F07
Stomp 8 Enemies And Get 1-Ups C23B-AF07
Low Gravity Float 4D2C-AF0F
Mario On Ice EDA5-0F6F
Waterworld Mario EDA5-0F6F
Reverse Switch Palace Blocks 2D80-0DE1
Nintendo Debug #2 DDA6-DF07
Any Yoshi Always Has Wings And Flies Without A Shell DDE0-07A0
Item Doesn’t Fall From Box When You Get Hit 6DEE-14DF

How to use Game Genie codes on Super Mario World On SNES9x

Now you know a little history on the Game Genie let’s explore how to use these cheat codes on modern platforms, such as SNES9x, a popular SNES emulator that allows us to relive the golden era of gaming on our computers.


Fire up SNES9x and load the Super Mario World ROM from the File menu. The emulator will now transport us back to the familiar landscapes of Dinosaur Land, where Mario and Luigi are ready to embark on their daring quest once again.

Cheat Menu

In the SNES9x emulator, you can access the Cheat Code menu by clicking on “Cheats” from the top navigation bar. Once there, select “Load” to load a new cheat file. This is where we enter our Game Genie codes.

Enter The Codes

It’s time for the magic! Enter the Game Genie codes you wish to use for Super Mario World in the provided fields. Each code is a unique combination of letters and numbers that unlocks a specific cheat. For example, the code INVINCIBLE might grant Mario invincibility, while EXTRALIVES could provide an endless supply of extra lives.


After entering the codes, activate them by ticking the checkboxes next to each code. Once you’ve selected all the cheats you want to use, click “OK” to apply the changes.


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