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Game Genie Codes

Game Genies Codes
Super Metroid

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Super Metroid 

I realized recently we covered the in game cheats for Super Metroid but didnt tackle Game Genie and to be honest I think I used the Game Genie more than the normal cheats. Samus returns to make an absolute mess of Zebes and those pirates!

But what could possibly spice things up more?

Are there Game Genie Codes for Super Metroid?

You know it! Super Metroid, a classic that redefined the action-platformer genre, comes with its share of challenges. But the codes of yes the codes change everything, you can experience this iconic game in a whole new way. Yep, Game Genie, that magical little device that was the key to unlocking a plethora of cheats, has a host of codes for Super Metroid. From unlimited energy to super jumps, these codes can totally change how you play the game. It’s like giving Samus an arsenal upgrade she never knew she needed!

How to use game genie codes on console and Snes9X.

Okay, so not everyone is using the OG game genie like yours truly (no flex, I’m old). Using Game Genie codes with Super Metroid is a breeze, whether you’re playing on the original SNES console or using the Snes9X emulator.

The console, you simply plug the Game Genie into the cartridge slot, then insert your Super Metroid cartridge into the Game Genie. Enter the codes at the prompt, and you’re set to go.

For Snes9X, it’s just as simple. Access the ‘Cheats’ menu, input your desired codes, and activate them.  Now testing codes on the emulator can be challenging for some as it has been known to be a little buggy. If you notice any graphical issues simply reset the game or clear the code. Either way you can enjoy Super Metroid as more of a couch assassin.

Snes Game Genies

The Codes

Ready to empower Samus Aran with some incredible abilities?


Code Description
Super Metroid Master Code FA68-4760 | DD6A-C7DF
No Damage From Hazards DC34-C5D4
Walk Through Walls 6DB4-39BF
Bomb Jumping Holds You Until Bomb Explodes BACE-15D7 | DDB7-46A4
No Water CBA8-444F | EEA8-441F | EEA8-44CF
No Water Physics C26E-41DD | 1A39-4007 | 62B1-49A7
All Doors Open 6DB9-409F | 6DBF-412F
Map Visible 6DB5-47AB | 6DB3-47AB | CB6C-176F
Easier Wall Jumping Hold Jump while pressing Right/Left against the wall: 68B7-C5D7 | 68BD-C967 | DDB9-15D7
All Weak Enemies Die Upon Getting Close 6DCC-4BDF | 6DC3-4B6D | FCC3-4BAD | 18CB-3C1F | D18F-3601 | 1825-1B4D
Big Enemies Die Upon Getting Close 6DCC-4BDF | 6DBF-3BA4 | 40BF-3CD4 | 18BB-46F2 | D18F-3601 | 1825-1B4D | 1826-38D6
Get Speed Booster FX 6DCC-4BDF | 6DC8-4CDF
Aim Bot Projectiles 6DB1-3C6F | 40C8-18DD | 6DC2-1BDD
No Damage From Spikes 6DB1-4194 | 6D62-C0B7 | 6D6B-C927
Air Jumps 6DB8-39BF | 6D3D-C5DF
Air Jump In Mid Air (Press A) C933-C9A7 | 6333-C1D7 | DC33-C107 | BD33-C167 | D033-C1A7 | 4433-C5D7 | 8A33-C507 | B633-C567 | BD33-C5A7
Metroids can be killed without Freezing 403F-38DE | 6D34-3BAE
No Terrain Hazards D7CA-3D31 | B2CE-3F11
Area Skip Press Right on Map Screen DDCF-4461 | 6DCC-47A1
Skip Intros 9463-C76C | BE63-C7AC | 6DBE-C44A | 6DBF-373A
Get Space Station Access 4039-C504
Max Missles C288-C5A7
Max Super Bombs 3CA4-450D
No Sink From Maridia Sand 6D8F-14FF
God Mode to Projectiles 1DB4-16A4
Jump through ceilings DDB0-C9FF
No Energy loss from enemies C225-3005
Press Start to beat the game 4135-C1D4
View All Hidden Blocks with X-ray Scope DE65-174D


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