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Nintendo Entertainment System 1986

The Legend Of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers, myself included. Being the third game I ever owned on my NES. To be honest I think it was my first RPG and what a way to start the journey. I remember playing it for hours and leaving it turned on over night to ensure my game would save. I never trusted carts  and still dont these days.

Zelda as a title blended adventure, mystery, and a touch of magic. But what if you could add a little extra magic to your quest to save Princess Zelda? That’s where Game Genie codes come into play, offering a different flavor to this timeless NES classic.

Is There Game Genie Codes for Zelda?

 The Codes

Code Description
YYKPOYZZ Start A New Game With 8 Hearts
NYKPOYZX Start A New Game With 16 Hearts
SZVXASVK Rubies Never Deplete
SZNZVOVK Unlimited Bombs <- Finally!
ESKUILTA Link Has The Blue Ring
OSKUILTA Link Has The Red Ring
AOEUYTEY Let There Be Light (Light In All Rooms)
KTVXXZ No More Hidden Entrances (Easy Access)
SKXASKSE Never Ending Meat/Food
TAXAUNZO Show Bush Secrets
ZZSEVTZL Show Stone Secrets (Graves Shown Too)
YAEAENGA Show Wall Secrets
AEOANAEG Less Enemies In Game
065A:01 Link Has The Bow
0663:01 Link Has The Ladder
0664:01 Link Has Lion Key
AAIZZI Unlimited Money

How to use Game Genie codes on Zelda On RetroArch

For those with the original NES console and a Game Genie, entering these codes is a trip down memory lane. Just plug in the Game Genie, insert your Zelda cartridge, and start your adventure with a twist.

For the modern gamer, RetroArch, a popular emulation platform, offers a seamless way to use these codes. Simply load up your Zelda ROM, head over to the cheat menu in RetroArch, and enter the codes you want. This method brings an old-school experience to new-age tech, allowing everyone to enjoy these cheats.

There maybe the odd issue from time to time with RetroArch I personally don’t use it but Chris from the team has seen a few glitches here and there with the Game Genie Codes enabled. We left out a few map related codes because of this very issue one of which actually just crashes the game. So use with care!


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