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If you lived through the console generations anywhere from Nes to even Dreamcase chances are you’ve heard of reproduction carts.

If you’re a kid of the ninties, chances are you already know the stigma that comes with repro carts as well. But I’m going to tell you, why reproduction video games are a good thing.

Hear me out.

In the ever-evolving landscape of gaming, where cutting-edge graphics and complex narratives reign supreme, there’s a nostalgic charm to revisiting the classics that once graced our screens. But what if I told you that reproduction retro video games are more than just a walk down memory lane? New announcements to the successor of the Nintendo Switch and with the removal of the Wii U E Shop game manfacturers have control of what you can buy and play. We can cover repro boxes and manuals in another article today lets just focus on cartridges.

How Video Game Manufacturers Are In Control

As a passionate gamer, I’ve always marveled at the magic of video games and the way they transport us to different worlds and eras.

However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that video game manufacturers hold a significant amount of control over our gaming experiences. The recent removal of the Wii U eShop serves as a poignant example. With this closure, the avenue to purchase retro video games on older systems is abruptly cut off. It’s a decision that seems to force our hand, compelling us to continually upgrade to newer systems and re-purchase games we already own.

This perpetual cycle puts gamers like me in a tough spot, caught between our love for classic titles and the relentless march of progress.

Imagine my old version of Mario on the NES finally giving in after years of faithful service.

It’s a devastating scenario.

That cartridge, which holds countless memories and nostalgia, becomes nothing more than a relic. The inability to relive those cherished moments through the very game that defined my childhood is a gut-wrenching thought.

It’s a reminder that as much as we invest emotionally in these games, the control ultimately rests in the hands of the manufacturers. The loss of accessibility to classic titles due to the phasing out of older systems and services leaves gamers like me grappling with a sense of helplessness, longing for a way to revisit those treasured adventures.

As a community, we should advocate for preserving access to classic games, whether through backward compatibility, digital preservation, or official reproductions. Our shared passion for gaming’s history should drive us to challenge the notion that our only option is to keep repurchasing the same games on new platforms.

After all, gaming is more than just entertainment; it’s a bridge to our past, a key to unlock nostalgia, and a medium through which we connect with our own personal history.

Should You Buy Repro Video Games?

So what options do we have? Should you buy repro video games? While theres so many legal rammifications. The allure of owning a physical copy of a beloved retro game is undeniable.

Yet, the scarcity of authentic cartridges often sends collectors on a frustrating quest. This is where reproduction retro video games step in, offering a lifeline to those who yearn to own a piece of gaming history without the heartache of an elusive hunt.

These reproductions, meticulously crafted with respect to the originals, become a pragmatic choice for gamers seeking the joy of vintage titles without the despair of empty shelves.


Are Reproduction Cartridges Safe to Play?

Okay so I finally decide to pull the trigger and get a repro of my Super Mario RPG to play on the original system. I can already hear the comments saying just buy a Switch and play it on the virtual console etc etc.

Here’s the thing I love my CRT Tvs I have three. All Sony Trinitrons all connected for my physical gaming. Yes I have had video games since a kid and kept them in great condition. Now that begs the question, are reproduction cartridges safe to play on my OG consoles? Am I at risk of killing a console too?

Concerns over the legitimacy and safety of reproduction cartridges loom large in the gaming community. However, it’s crucial to differentiate between professional reproductions and dubious counterfeits.

Reputable reproduction creators adhere to ethical practices, utilizing modern technology to ensure compatibility and functionality. Unlike their bootleg counterparts, these reproductions undergo rigorous testing to provide a safe and authentic gaming experience.

So, the answer to whether reproduction retro video games are safe to play lies in the hands of trustworthy creators dedicated to preserving the spirit of the classics.

Horror stories from around the web of Chinese cartidges melting consoles has become some what minimal in the past 5 years. Common sense should prevail in these scenarios.

Take matters into your own hands and make your own reproductions should you choose. Safer and smarter option.

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repro cart basic

Is Emulation Better Than Reproduction?

I’m going to try and address every keyboard warrior out there. As I know they have been chirping about emulation. So we have to answer is emulation better than reproduction.

Emulation, with its digital mimicry of vintage consoles, holds its own allure. It offers convenience and a vast library at your fingertips. Still a legal grey area if you own the physical copy in most countries you can play a downloaded backup of the game.

But its still digital. I know, I know. But there is something about CRT Tvs and analog. No input lag and no load times (Okay Playstation and Dreamcast we give you space). Growing up with physical media has made me appreciate it more.

Now if reproduction retro video games offer something to bring that back. Allowing players to engage with the physicality of cartridges and controllers that once defined eras. Reproductions bridge the gap between the past and the present, serving as a tangible bridge to nostalgia.

While emulation has its merits, the tactile and sensory experience offered by reproductions is a testament to the enduring magic of retro gaming.

Listen if you dont have a CRT and no desire to get one by all means Emulation can tick a lot of boxes. While keeping retro games alive.

What You Should Look for When Buying Used Games

All this talk about reproduction cartridges has the used game community losing their shit. Rightly so. Reproduction carts have an effect on used video games as well. People selling repros as originals and trying to get top dollar is a scummy move.

So it begs the question. What should you look forwhen buying used video games? How can you spot a fake?

Navigating the world of used games can be a labyrinthine challenge. The quest for authenticity becomes paramount in an environment ripe with both genuine gems and clever forgeries.

It’s crucial to arm yourself with knowledge, be wary of unusually low prices, and source from reputable sellers to avoid being ensnared by scammers.

To avoid being swindled, educate yourself on the nuances that differentiate a genuine copy from a sham. Scrutinize labels, inspect the quality of the print, and ensure the presence of proper markings. Check out the actual board look for official branding on the chipset. Plastic thickness and weight.

Remember, knowledge is your shield against scams, and when in doubt, turn to trusted sources to validate the authencity.

Reproduction Games Have a Place

So after all of this. Do reproduction games have a place in the retro gaming community? Whether you like it or not its a resounding Yes.

Look I love original games I am a collector and have been for years. But lets not get things jaded. I am a gamer first before a collector. Most people forget that these video games are games.

Over the years as price tags have sky rocketed, the desire to get rich off these games has turned the scene into a snob and some times caty place. Investors who dont share the same nostalga seeking a quick return have made it almost unobtainable for those who want complete collections. Those who didnt start in the early 2000’s anyway.

As gaming continues to 8k, virtual reality with no physical media to touch or hold. Players being sucked into repeditive dopamine addicted mess. I’ll keep my OG consoles and make my own reproduction carts should I need to. All to keep that nostalga alive.

Like any good RPG we have our own path to take in gaming. Will yours have reproductions?

Why Reproduction Retro Video Games Are a Good Thing


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